17 Photos of Animals, Each of Which Hides a Whole Story

It seems to us that the world should definitely learn about how the orangutans made friends with otters, that the songwriter works as a licker of stamps, and why the person who cares for orphaned zebras wears a striped coat. Because there are not many good stories.

We Happy Worthy Life believe that there is much more good than bad in the world. Here is the new evidence. And in the end, you will find a bonus – the story of the most cunning cat in the world.

1. In the Belgian zoo, a primacy aviary and a creek, where otters live, were combined. Now everyone is friends, and the baby orangutan is playing hide and seek with otters

2. Little Diria managed to escape from the lions, mixing with a herd of goats. Now she considers her teacher’s mom. Newborn zebras remember loved ones by color, so he wears a striped coat

3. An employee of the rehabilitation center hugs a newborn walrus, who fought off his family and was rescued by fishermen from Alaska

4. An 8-month-old Simba was used for a photo for money, and then thrown, scared and paralyzed. Dr. Karen Dallakyan from the “Save Me” rehabilitation center has had a lion cub operation, and now he is recovering

5. “Today, my mother first met the kitten of her dreams”

6. “Yesterday, my cat helped my boyfriend make me an offer.”

7. “My dad, who works at home, chooses the best employee once a quarter. Each time it turns out to be our dog Meeka. “

8. This is Jax, the official post stamp licker in Portree, Scotland. He works every day, patiently waiting for visitors to need his services.

9. This photo went online with the caption “An orphan-deer took a dummy for his mom.” But it turned out that the baby just hid and was waiting for the deer. She appeared a minute after the picture was taken.

10. “I dreamed about a dog for 6 years, and finally this day has come. Meet this Archie »

11. “These are pictures of my cat with a difference of 4 months. When we took him from the shelter, he was thin and shabby. And look at him now! ”

12. These seals were rescued from an ice floe drifting along the Neva in St. Petersburg.

13. People formed a living corridor to help newborn sea turtles get to the water and not be eaten by seagulls

14. Residents of Kamchatka found a 6-month-old orphan bear on the road. Now Masha lives in a wildlife rehabilitation center in Kaluga and has grown into a 200-pound fun hooligan and a social media star

15. “This is a Canadian goose named Doty. Every year, she flies into the house of my grandparents to make a nest ”

16. “My cat is on a diet. Today I found his stash ”

17. “My dog, who never loved cats,” adopted “our new kitten.”

Bonus: the trickiest cat in the world

Mary Lor Barra, a resident of Mexico, accidentally discovered that her cat Pixie lives a double life. Mary took him as a small kitten, and after 2 years, Pixie turned into an adult cat with an independent character. When he disappeared for several days, the hostess was not too worried, believing that he was doing ordinary cat affairs: exploring the surroundings or chasing birds.

But once the cat came home in a new collar. The woman suspected that she was not the only owner of the animal, and attached a note to the collar: “His name is Pixie, and he seems to live in two houses, haha.” Soon, the cat returned with the answer: “We call him Huarache. That’s right, he has two houses, haha. Congratulations! Other parents of the cat. “

It turned out that the second owners of Pixie live near Mary’s house and, prior to her note, were also sure that they were the only ones. Now they share with each other details about Pixie’s life and report on his visits to the veterinarian. Mary says: “I think Pixie is very lucky. Some cats do not even have one at home, not to mention two. I know that his second owners are good people because they care about him. ”

Do you have photos of your pets, behind which there is a whole story? Tell her to us!

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