17 Photos of Dog Before-And-After Go to the Hairdresser

Everyone knows that a new life begins with a new haircut. And, apparently, this also works for our little furry friends. Just look at the songs from this article and see for yourself.


Happy Worthy Life selected 17 before-and-after photos that prove that one trip to the hairdresser can work wonders

17. Pomeranian Teddy Bear

16. “He took the dog to the hairdresser. He took another dog

15. “It’s 32 ° C outside, so my one-eyed Snuggles needs a hairdresser.”

Every time Luna gets a haircut I feel like I have the wrong dog.


A clean chonker is a happy chonker

12. How to get younger for a couple of years


11. After 5 hours of hard work

10. “The first haircut. Is it still my dog? ”

9. “I am so pleased to see this gloomy face again”

8. How to become a real lady


7. From a wild beast to a cute teddy bear

6. Transformation of York

5. “My puppy Otis had a first haircut. I’m not sure that the same dog was returned to me. ”


4. From Chubaki to the dog!

3. My dog ​​looks like he’s starting life before and after a haircut

2. New haircut = new dog

1. A bit of Asian charm

Do you often take your dog to the hairdresser? Does her image change dramatically?

Preview photo 슈앤 트리 SHU AND TREE / youtube

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