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17 Unusual Color of Familiar Things And Animals That Complete Surprise to You

If we see an object or an animal being most often in one specific color, then we get used to it. But in reality, many things in the world have several color options. For example, there is a green Coca-Cola, a pink dolphin, or a turquoise McDonald’s badge. And all this is not photoshop.

We are sure that there are a lot of familiar things in the world that we haven’t seen yet, but they exist. The main thing is to carefully look around. Well, read our articles to see it.

“My son found a pink grasshopper like insect.”

“Take a look at the gorgeous colors of this Petrified wood slice from the Australian outback!.”

“Boiled purple potatoes and ordinary potato.”

Green woodpecker

“I caught an incredibly colorful Hawaiian fish (don’t worry, then let it go)”

“I was told that I should show my corn.”

17 Unusual Color of Familiar Things That Complete Surprise to You
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Blue Lobster

Purple frog Atelopus barbotini

“Blue McDonald’s badge”

White crow

Yes, disposable gloves can be of these colors too

“Found a golden bug in my garden”

“I met a black and white squirrel while walking.”

“In this part of my city, STOP road signs are black.”

Pink river dolphin

“Today I found some green cola bottles.”

Have you ever met familiar things or animals of an unusual color?

What do you think?

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