18 Proofs That Wet Animals Look Like PSAs

Who ever bathed a pet at least once knows how difficult it is sometimes, because pets are not happy with these procedures. But nobody canceled hygiene, so today is a great day to remember that wet animals are not only clean, but also unforgettable.

We also have pets, so let’s all look at these adorable girls together, gain some positive emotions, and then gather our strength and go to bathe our own.

Cat bath.

Just look at this

The true appearance is always known after water procedures

It looks like a wet spitz

A wet koala looks like an old stuffed toy

Cat realizes too late where he was being taken

“I bathed my spitz, and he became … a meerkat”

Two different dogs

Someone turned into a mouse

Owl it seems better not to touch when it is wet.

“My Mia before and after”

It look terrified

From the look he is already making a plan for revenge

Two cute soggy babies in the tub

Bonus: this is what fluffy cats look like with dry heads and wet bodies.

Share a photo of your wet pet too.

Photo by reddit. depositphotos

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