19 Dogs who Visited Beauty Salon for Pets and Now They Can Not Recognized

As a rule, a dog of any breed needs at least the slightest care from its owner. Indeed, some furry friends regularly molt and shed their hair. And others, such as poodles, are overgrown with hair and require regular haircuts. Such a procedure not only gives the pet a neat appearance, but also makes living with him more comfortable.

We at Happy Worthy Life consider that every dog ​​deserves to be in the hands of dog groomer, a specialist in caring for the coat and skin of an animal, at least once in his life. Here are 19 examples of how they transform after dog grooming. By the way, in the end we will show a photo of a dog whose mistress is tired of washing her paws after walking.

1. Was a cutie, became a real lady

2. Here is such a handsome man, nicknamed Teddy was hiding behind dog groomed hair

3. This girl has not been at the hairdresser for a long time

4. His first haircut

5. What are the fun “ears”

6. “My girlfriend is cutting dogs. Here is an example of her work: so much hair was combed from this dog. ”

7. Laika after his first haircut. Yes it’s the same dog

8. This is what a cocker spaniel can be like if you don’t cut it.

9. “I just want to share this puffer before and after”

10. The look immediately became expressive and a little even harsh

11.7 month old bobtail nicknamed Oliver before and after grooming

12. Bella definitely lacked the attention of the groomer

13. What beautiful eyes were hidden behind thick hair

14. “She looks cute after her first haircut”

15. Like a different dog

16. “My dog ​​Courage before and after grooming”

17. This Yorkshire Terrier was kept locked up with other dogs, not being given proper care. Now it’s all over

18. This is how she looks after visiting the groomer

19. By the way, this is how the process of cutting

Bonus: “My mother shaved her dog’s paws so that they do not get dirty during a walk”

Do you somehow look after the wool of your pets?

What do you think?

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