20+ Adorable Pictures of Pets Who Love Their Toys

Probably everyone will be able to remember their favorite children’s toys. Animals also have them, and even growing up, pets continue to value them. They sleep, hugging, loving. But these are dogs, and what about cats? If you now say that your cat does not have a favorite toy, then we ask: what about a human leg in a sock?

“This is my boy”

“My cat still has a cuddle friend. It used to be almost the same size. “

20+ Adorable Pictures of Pets Who Love Their Toys

“She found us on the side of the road. We walked, I heard a soft meow and turned around, and she ran after us. Without hesitation, I picked it up and told my fiancé that we now have a cat. “

“If you are afraid of a thunderstorm, he is ready to share his bear with you.”

“Loki is one year old and he still carries his favorite toy upstairs.”

“This is my cat, who ripped open his favorite toy, and my grandmother, who sewing it back.”

“Meet Sunny and her new favorite toy, the oven mitt.”

“She has a lucky sock. It is very important for bird watching. “

“Don’t you love cats?”

“Kids know how to sleep so sweetly”

“My baby is hugging his dragon”

“Beware, unicorns, a lover has come to gnaw your feet.”

“The good girl fell asleep”

“And this is Juice. He will also bring you a teddy bear. “

“He seems to enjoy posing for a photo.”

“I think he liked the new toy”

“Oh hi! I didn’t notice you “

“I decided to arrange a shower of toys for Faith.”

Aurora Destroyer Hugs Her Toy

My dog Coco with his squeaky toy fox.

“I hug my bear”

Just a pup with his pup

Bonus: some seem to find playing with regular toys boring. “There was a spider … only he was gone.”

Does your pet have a favorite toy? Love and voting.

What do you think?

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