20 Entertainment Facts About Animal World

Wildlife is not only diverse, but also very cleverly designed. Each small and large animal on our planet has its own adaptations for a comfortable existence. Some of them help to hide, others – to find food, others – to pick up a couple or bear offspring.

We at Happy Worthy Life want to share with you fascinating facts about the inhabitants of our planet, by learning which you can see for yourself how brilliant nature is.

Waterfowl turtles breathe through the skin of the sky or through special anal sacs. And from a long stay in the water, some of them are heavily overgrown with algae

Sometimes tropical butterflies sit on caimans to drink their salty crocodile tears. This way insects get nutrients

Woodpeckers have such a long tongue that their skull wraps around

Elephants are one of three species of mammals in which menopause begins in old age. Two other species – humpback whale and human

When a threat occurs, small deer instinctively lie on the grass and freeze. Sometimes they do it in the open, but still think that they hid well

“Gothic chickens” – hens of the Ayam Chemani breed, bred in Indonesia – are completely black. Including beak, feathers, bones, muscles and internal organs

The sheep’s stomach consists of four chambers that break down plant pulp into simpler carbohydrates.

In sperm whales, teeth grow only in the lower jaw. Instead of the upper row, these predators have holes in which the lower teeth fall when they chew

The caterpillar of a moth-moths creates a house for itself from improvised materials, gnawing stems and branches of plants. Huts are impressive sizes

The bearded vulture is the only known animal with 70–90% of its diet consisting of bones. It can swallow whole vertebrae of large mammals and digest them within 24 hours

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