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20 Funny Cats That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

According to various estimates , there are between 200 and 600 million cats in the world (including wild, domestic and homeless). In general, their habits are the same, but sometimes the actions of some meowing so funny. So, one cat loves to stare at a light bulb, another loves to lie on the door, and the third does not even know how to drink water from a bowl.

We will never stop adoring cats, and this is who just recently won our hearts. Let’s see 20 funny cats in our collection.

This is how Leeroy sits.

And this is a cat named Chekhov, and he also likes to lie with his front paws out

“I worked late and my cat fell asleep in this position.”

“My cat likes to stare into the light.”

This is Linus and he likes to sit like this

He’s trying to pass out in anger. So adorable!

Luna loves to drink tap water. But she doesn’t understand how to do it right

This is Lulu. She also doesn’t know how to drink tap water.

“My cat loves to sit on a floor lamp”

It seems his batteries are low

She always falls asleep like that. The vet said there is no reason to worry

“I think she’s very hungry.”

Workout cat

It looks like he’s quite comfortable

Like this fluffy creature

My silly cat likes to drink her water by dipping her belly into the bowl, and then licking the water off of her fur

“What? Isn’t that how you rest? “

This cat figured out how to use the toilet. Nobody taught him

“My cat Leo doesn’t like hot days”

This is how she usually lays down

Do you have cats at home? What do they do most often?

What do you think?

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