20+ Funny Pets Who Have Found the Most Convenient Place. Well, or they think so

“My house is my fortress” – the proverb says, but in his fortress he sleeps better. So our pets sometimes show resourcefulness and ingenuity to build a cozy house from what is at hand. More precisely, under the paw.

We at Happy Worthy Life have received a powerful charge of positive emotions and affection, looking at these cats and dogs, which have their own idea of ​​comfort.

1. “My sister’s kitten is sleeping in a cup. Hope this makes you smile. ”

2. This couple found a cozy nest with a great view

3. This kid knows how to freshen up on a hot day

4. Looks comfortable

5. When I wanted a little privacy, but here they got you

6. It seems time to transplant it into a larger pot

7. See how it perfectly filled the space.

8. Kitten Omar sleeps in a napkin box

9. “We found this guy in the entrance. They drove to a shelter, but no one wanted to take it. Now he lives with us. ”

10. “She found a new convenient place in my car”

11. He found the warmest place in the house

12. “My cat fell asleep in my salad”

13. It doesn’t matter how big the box is: the cat will try to get into it anyway

14. “It seems my cat is a liquid”

15. Felix loves warm places

16. I need your clothes, man

17. That would be the pictures of cat engagement

18. “We have sheltered a kitten, and he falls asleep in the most unexpected places”

19. “This is the most important ingredient for my dish”

20. Just a puppy in a plate. Scroll further

21. I am better than any instrument. And I can scream louder

22. “My mom’s cat falls asleep in the strangest places”

23. “The cat loves to sleep on the grass. We transplanted the greens into a smaller pot, and this is what happened ”

And how does your pet like to sleep? Perhaps also in the most unexpected places?

 Photo of sunandadholekar / reddit

What do you think?

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