20+ Funny Pictures Of Cat

Recently, the results of a new study were published , in which scientists discovered a song soothing cats. Namely, Scooter Bere’s Aria, which was developed specifically for these animals. And since there is a melody that pacifies the purr, perhaps it is a special set of sounds that turns on the fool mode for our favorites.

Like the world of science, we at Happy Worthy Life have not yet found the reasons for the sudden bouts of strange behavior of furry miles. In the meantime, scientists are conducting new research on this topic, we found a new batch of evidence that cats have their own, special logic.

“It can’t be convenient.”

Cats definitely know how to look at the world from a different angle.

“Last night, I first gave my boy catnip. In the end, he fell asleep in a taco bag. ”

Whole breakfast down the drain

“For the past week, every morning my cat brought bread to the doorstep of the house. I don’t know where he takes it. If I don’t praise him for this right away, then he starts yelling. ”

“I have no idea why he suddenly began to lick the walls.”

You don’t immediately notice what is in this picture of the refrigerator

“These are bowls for dogs, the cat has her personal ones, but she prefers to drink water from anywhere, if only not from her bowl”

“I could not find my cat for several hours until my neighbor called me …”

“My cat often does this: first meows loudly, and then hides here for 20 minutes. And he thinks that he’s really not visible. ”

Tetris block

“One of my oranges looks suspicious”

“This is how Chloe reminds me that I forgot to feed her.”

“I found where the 47 rubber bands of my wife disappeared. Under the stove. Thanks Max

Who told you to walk on the floor, not the ceiling

“My cat constantly tried to climb behind the blinds. And now this day has come ”

“This miracle has just taken a dose of catnip, and it seems that he has had an existential crisis: the tailed one realized that he is a cat”

“I removed the net from the door, and my cat thinks that I moved the door itself”

This is a ginger cat thing.

You can only imagine what the owner of this cat had to go through

“The cat is not stuck. He is fine. Thanks”.

Each cat has its own special “my charm”

Surely each of our readers has a story or even a photo of the eccentricity of purrs. Share them with us.

What do you think?

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