20+ Biggest Giant Dog in The World

Some dog lovers get themselves small chihuahuas and Prague rats. Others believe that a pet must be large, and therefore keep St. Bernards or, for example, Irish Wolfhounds. But sometimes these already rather big tailed friends grow to such gigantic proportions that it seems as if they got themselves a man, and not vice versa.

And the photos of netizens showing their “puppies” clearly demonstrate this. By the way, we at Happy Worthy Life want to note that these giants, despite their frightening appearance, are absolutely calm and friendly creatures who adore affection and care. And in the bonus at the end of the article, we will show a photo of 2 Tibetan Mastiffs, which were bought for almost $ 3 million.

“The photo does not convey the full power of this dog. It’s just some kind of beast “

“My friend’s dog welcomes guests like that”

What a comfortable armrest

Is it a dog or a polar bear? Seems like a bear


English Mastiff named Baron is the largest dog in Australia

“Here are my Great Dane, they are the best”

Big boy named Bo doesn’t realize how big he is

“He does this every time I come home from work.”

“The biggest dog I’ve ever seen. Weighs almost 107 kg “

“This is my ‘little’ boy”

“My 63 kg German Shepherd”

“This is Lincoln, and he is bigger than my wife.”

“My sister’s doggie, weighs 72 kg”

This is the Dogue de Bordeaux of the best football player in the world – Lionel Messi

“Our 9 month old Leonberger puppy”

“Meet Marley – 82 kg of sincere love”

Pyrenean mountain dog

This 10 month old puppy weighs almost 60 kg

“Within a year our Irish Wolfhound became the highest in the family”

“This is a bear … I mean a dog.”

“I met this Leonberger in Germany a couple of years ago. He was soft like a teddy bear. And huge! “

This giant is forced to ride in the back of a pickup truck, as the cabin does not fit

20+ Photo of Big Dogs in the World

Bonus: one of these Tibetan Mastiffs (the one on the left) was bought for 12 million yuan (almost $ 2 million)

The deal took place in 2014 at the “luxury pet fair” in Hangzhou, China. By the way, another mastiff (the one on the right) was purchased for 6 million yuan (approximately $ 968 thousand).

Would you get yourself a large breed dog? Or maybe you already have a huge and hairy affectionate animal living at home?

What do you think?

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