20 Photos Proving That Every Good Boy Has a Dark Side

Every dog by definition is a good boy, but sometimes our pets go out of the angelic – and a real devil. Damaging things, stealing food, sometimes straight from the oven, are just the tip of the iceberg.

We is still convinced that dogs are angels in the flesh, despite the fact that some good boys sometimes make every effort to break this stereotypes

The theft of ham from the oven was committed by a group of very cute faces

We believe that they are really ashamed. And you?

It seems that this puppy has no plans to grow up to be a good boy.

A pile of money in his paws turned a cute little dog into a ferocious Rottweiler

What magazines and shoes? I don’t understand what you mean

This rebel decided to break the stereotype

This is my new cuddle fren. I definitely did not eat my sister’s lunch box. Again.

When someone endlessly invades your personal space, patience ends.

“My mixed breed Husky and German Shepherd decided Thanksgiving lunch was the perfect opportunity to be a bad boy.”

And here is the first Christmas tree gift

“Somehow he locked himself in the shower at night. I woke up from a terrible howl “

Remember man, this is not your dishwasher, but my personal bathtub.

This is the perfect crime

20 Photos Proving That Every Good Boy Has a Dark Side

We just added our second rescue into our family! you can tell someone isn’t too happy to share the love.

“I tried to take pictures of my dogs in front of an amazing sunset, but this guy wanted to play andand was very vocal about it.”

“Our White Christmas Came Early”

“I came home from the movies and found it. Apollo really wanted to eat cheesecake “

“It was Polo’s first night at my mother’s house. He may have made a bit mess, but who can be angry with a face like that?”

When your dog is noisy but polite

Get a dog, they said. Merry Christmas!

And in your house there is a four-legged angel who from time to time turns into a devil, though cute, but still a fiend?

What do you think?

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