20 Small Breed Puppies That Stole Our Hearts

If your day is not working out, there is no mood and in general it seems that life is going somewhere wrong, then you have opened the right article. Those small breed puppies will definitely make you smile. And if you are in a great mood, now it will get even better.

1. “My aunt’s dog weighs 900 grams”

2. Gimme Five!

3. We’ve adopted a fluffy potato

4. He Hurts Me!

5. “Tiny Weiner”

6. “This is a Shiba, but in this photo it looks like a husky.”

7. “I was looking for him for 30 minutes”

8. “Meet Gus”

9. New friend

10. “I couldn’t help but take him home”

My Parents New Puppy!

12. “He Refuses to Walk”

13. “This is Olive. He is 9 weeks old and weighs 950 grams. “

14. Another kid

15. “The world is so big for Mr. Trixie”

16. Nothing fancy, just a dog in socks. Scroll further

17. “This is not a toy. I repeat, this is not a toy “

18. Great place to take a nap

19. Little Helper

20. “This is Stella”

Maybe you are a happy dog ​​owner too? Show her photos in the comments.

Photo -by  Kittyhawkgirl109 / reddit

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