20+ Smiling Dog Looking Very Stranger That Will Make You Smile

20+ Smiling Dog Looking Very Stranger That Will Make You Smile

There are about 450 dog breeds in the world . Some of them, such as German shepherds, very numerous and found all over the world, while others, such as the Slovak Chuvach, found only within one region or country. However, all dogs have one thing in common: they can truly be friends and love. And they learned to smile – just like you and me.

Looking at these photos of our four-legged friends, we at Happy Worthy Life could not help but smile. We hope that you will not resist their charm and sincerity.

“I went downstairs and saw my 35 kg shepherd watching a cartoon about a restaurant. I’ve never been prouder.

“My dog ​​cannot walk, and today she“ tried on ”her wheelchair. Look at her smile! ”

“Hmm … Boxing in English means box. It turns out I’m a boxer! “

A smile called “Oh my goodness, you came home from college!”

2 month old Ossi goes home for the first time

Before and after she was told that she is beautiful

Pretzel found these 2 balls under the bed. He seems very proud of himself.

“I found this abandoned puppy in a ditch near our farm. We needed a guard dog, and now he is happy because he has a house and food. ”

He is learning commands quickly. We call him Gaston.

My dog ​​(on the left) likes to spend time in dog kindergarten

The most beautiful boy in the world

“My girlfriend kissed his forehead”

Mr. Tank is very proud of the new haircut and tie.

Her first smile after she returned home, overcoming cancer

“Well, when will you give me this wonderful piece of apple?”

Puedo enjoys the good weather and the whole family at home

The first “teaser” after we took him from the shelter

“My friend is struggling with the disease and stuck in the hospital. Meet this Loki, his doGtor »

“Exactly at 21:30 he receives his refreshments before going to bed. It’s 21:35, and it seems to him that I forgot ”

He always smiles

“My dog ​​met her sister, and now I can’t understand which of them is who”

My dog ​​smiles in a dream

Good boy and his sheep

It looks like happiness

“This smile made me melt with emotion”

“We decided to take some professional shots of our dog”

Have you ever seen a smile on the face of your pet? Maybe you even managed to capture this moment in the photo?

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