“Our dogs will meet us in the next world.” A strong true love story

“All Dogs Go to Paradise” – it’s not just that United Artists studio shot as many as 2 cartoons and one animated series under this name. Dogs are loyal friends of a person who are ready to share both happiness and misfortune with him. They are always happy to stretch their paw and look forward to their owners home to meet them on the threshold of a stormy embrace.

Anna Valentinovna Kiryanova, a famous writer and psychologist, spoke with warmth and gratitude about these animals in her sketch on Facebook. We at Happy Worthy Life agree with every word of this text and invite you to get to know him.

Our dogs will be the first to meet us in the next world.

All that were with us in this world. We will have to go through a narrow and dangerous bridge to the other side. Dogs will help us cross this bridge, and the dogs will drive away evil spirits who will try to stop us. And the dogs will be terribly happy about the meeting, as always: fall on their front paws, jump and bark enthusiastically … So the ancient Scandinavians thought. And other nations thought so. Dogs are waiting for us loyally at the bridge, as they always expected. That’s why they don’t cross to the other side – they are waiting for us. At least for ages they will wait for us.

Our dogs will meet us in the next world. A strong true love story
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When the dogs were recognized as unclean animals and ordered to destroy them, the Bedouins saved their dogs. They simply said: “These are not animals. These are our friends. And we do not know you and do not want to indulge in cruel nonsense. We do not kill friends. In general, we try to kill less and less. So go away from here, please, so far.”

All great people loved their dogs very much. Chekhov had a taxi, Churchill had a poodle, Freud had a Pekingese, Schopenhauer also had a poodle, even cruel people like Hitler had dogs. And maybe, in the next world, only a dog remained next to its disgusting master in a terrible place. Is she only allowed to accompany him in painful wanderings? As a reminder that in the most terrible soul there was a weak and tiny reflection of goodness; could it be otherwise? ..

A dog is a faithful and eternal friend in both this and this world. And at the end of the 19th century, one farmer took the life of a dog from another. This Hornsby decided that a neighbor’s dog was threatening his sheep. He raised sheep. So he took and killed the dog. Just think, a big deal. People are lynched, and nothing. And here – just a dog!

But the owner of the dog sued. He was angry and desperate; this is not a dog killed – this is his friend killed. How can you keep silent if you killed your friend? This Charles sued and hired 3 prominent lawyers to punish the killer. Hornsby got scared and also started to spend money on lawyers. Everything somehow unexpectedly went, the process attracted public attention. Because it was a process about killing a friend. And about whether the dog has rights. Does she have a soul? And is it possible to be cruel to animals? Then people were not painfully treated humanely. And here is such a thing – the trial of the one who just shot the dog …

Our dogs will meet us in the next world. A strong true love story

One of the victim’s lawyers, West George Graham, who later became a senator, said he would win the trial or personally apologize to every dog ​​in the county. And he won. The cruel farmer was punished with justice. This happened after a speech made by the lawyer before the court and in front of the public. He said this:

“The only completely disinterested friend of man in this self-serving world, a friend who will never leave him, who is never thankless and will not betray him, is a dog.

She will remain with the person in wealth and poverty, in health and illness.

The dog will sleep on cold land, where cold winds blow and sweeps violently snow, just to be near the owner.

She will kiss his hand, even if this hand cannot give her water; she will lick wounds and scratches – the result of clashes with the cruelty of the world.

The dog guards the sleep of his impoverished master as zealously as if he were a prince.

When all the other friends leave, this one remains.

When all your wealth disappears and everything falls to pieces, the dog will be as constant in its love as the sun, walking through the sky. “

Our dogs will meet us in the next world. A strong true love story
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That’s what the lawyer said. And everyone thought and fell silent. And then the court found the cruel farmer guilty and sentenced to punishment. Because at heart everyone understood who their most faithful and devoted friend was. Even if this friend does not know how to talk, so what? He understands us without words …

The way it is. This faithful friend does not bother us too much, does not ask for anything special and accepts us as we are. And you cannot betray this friendship. Because the one who betrayed his dog will betray anyone anytime. This is the law.

Cats are also very good. I respect cats. I just love dogs. And I really hope that our dogs will meet us at the bridge. Maybe there is not a bridge at all, but something else, but the dogs are ours, beloved, old. And they are waiting for us and will meet. And wag their tails …

We read the text as a whole by the editors and could not hold back tears. And then they began to share with each other photos of their four-legged friends.

Our dogs will meet us in the next world. A strong true love story

“My Panamanians thaw after a walk at +4 ° C. We recently moved from the ever-hot Panama, so they get used to the climate.”

Our dogs will meet us in the next world. A strong true love story

“We have a weekend dog – a parent male named Archie. It was I who persuaded them to get a puppy, they all resisted at first, but now they love him without memory. And we too. We miss him, and it seems to me that he is for us too “

Our dogs will meet us in the next world. A strong true love story

“This is Elk. A year and a half ago I took him from the shelter. A blind mischievous dog with a difficult fate in which I don’t have a soul.”

Our dogs will meet us in the next world. A strong true love story

“This is Boniface, the nicest boy.”

Our dogs will meet us in the next world. A strong true love story

“This dog’s name is Nastasya Filippovna. She is a conqueror of hearts and a kidnapper of sweets. As a child, Nastenka didn’t gnaw a single slipper, not a single toy, but she lazily drifted a network cable under the sofa. Apparently, she joined the world’s network and gained remarkable intelligence.”

Our dogs will meet us in the next world. A strong true love story

“This is the River, likes to lie down mentally, does not like to be distracted from this business.”

We suggest that you join our flash mob in the comments, and we wish all dogs good health and long life alongside their beloved owners.

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