10 Things That Prove Angelina Jolie Has a Golden Heart

She understands the suffering of others and seeks to change the world for the better. For about 20 years, Angelina Jolie has been doing everything possible to help refugees, fight poverty and preserve nature. However, she never forgot to be a loving and caring mother.

Happy Worthy Life editorial staff admires everything that this famous actress has done for the world and wants to tell you part of her story. Sit back and listen.

It all started with Lara Croft

10 Things That Prove Angelina Jolie Has a Golden Heart
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In 2000, Angelina Jolie went to Cambodia to star in the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. At that time, the country was experiencing a humanitarian crisis, and this made a huge impression on the young actress. She began her own research, identifying problems in places around the world and taking an interest in refugee issues.

She later visited more than 30 countries, providing humanitarian assistance to people in need and donating money. Angelina was even appointed the UN Goodwill Ambassador .

She loves nature no less than humanity

She adopted her first child from a Cambodian orphanage. At the same time, the actress sought to maintain his connection with his homeland and therefore acquired a house there. It turned out that this property was not far from Samlout National Park, which was flooded by poachers, endangering rare species of animals.

Angelina decided to buy 60,000 hectares of this park and created a beautiful wildlife sanctuary. He received the name of the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation .

The Cambodian government could not ignore her actions and awarded Jolie the citizenship of Cambodia.

She comes to the aid of refugees

Since joining the United Nations in 2001, Angelina has worked continuously to help those in need. These people include refugees . The actress personally visits their camps in different countries, helps to improve living conditions and provides humanitarian assistance. Jolie also helps build schools and medical facilities for returnees.

For example, in 2010, Angelina donated $ 75,000 and  opened a girls’ primary school in Tangi, Afghanistan. She is concerned that Afghan girls did not have the opportunity to receive an adequate basic education. This school was not the only one that the actress opened in this country.

She supports not one, but several funds

Angelina tirelessly fights for the opportunity to improve the most diverse areas of people’s lives. In addition to refugees, her focus is on raising money and raising awareness to fight cancer, and she is committed to  eradicating extreme poverty. Together with other famous people, the actress supports socially vulnerable children and orphans, providing them with support in the field of health, education and psychosocial adaptation.

In total, Jolie contributed to some 29 different foundations and organizations aimed at ensuring peace, education and health.

She is actively fighting for women’s rights

Jolie seeks to take care of women who have been sexually abused in war zones. She believes it is important to eradicate this phenomenon, because it destroys the lives of women, their families and communities. In an effort to protect women , she launched an  initiative to prevent sexual violence aimed at investigating and taking action against them.

She reminds women how important their health is.

The actress lost her mother and aunt due to breast cancer. Unfortunately, Angelina also had a high chance of undergoing this disease. She decided on a preventive double mastectomy. After that, the actress openly performed, talking about her operation and personal experience and urging women to get tested on time.

She don’t hesitate to donate money to charity, regardless of the amount

In 2008, Angelina and Brad were looking forward to the birth of twins. Knox Leon and Vivien Marcheline Jolie-Pitt were born in August of that year, and many magazines tried to get exclusive first-hand photos. Magazines People and Hello! decided to unite and  bought photos for $ 14 million! All this money went to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

She helps eliminate the effects of disasters.

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In 2011, a deadly tornado destroyed about 8,000 homes and 400 businesses in Missouri. Angelina, along with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, donated $ 500,000 from the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation to help rebuild the city. Prior to this, in 2010, a devastating earthquake occurred in Haiti that claimed the lives of many people, and the couple donated $ 1 million to help the victims.

She continues to inspire children

Her daughter Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt, together with the famous jeweler Robert Prokop, created her own jewelry collection “Zahara Collection” . Just like her mother, Zakhara transferred all the money earned from the sale of the collection, a nonprofit organization providing temporary housing for women and children affected.

And, in turn, inspired by them

She does everything to be the best mom for her beloved children. Since her son Maddox is crazy about airplanes, she learned to fly! Thus, the actress wanted to become a real heroine for her son.

Do you like the activities of Angelina Jolie? Do you know any other examples of her concern for the world that we have not mentioned?

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