13 Celebrities Who Said Goodbye to the Previous Image and Did Not Lose

On a recognizable image of stars, as a rule, a team of stylists works who do not really give free rein to imagination. Many actresses have been adhering to the same proven image for years. And the greater our surprise when we find out, for example, that Monica Bellucci changed her hair – it seems, generally for the first time ever.

However, at Happy Worthy Life we  love the beautiful Monica with any hairstyle. And they decided to see who else of the celebrities wanted a change.

Monica Bellucci

Lady Gaga

Nastya Ivleeva

Lionel Messi

Michelle Williams

Francis Cobain

Tilda Swinton

Kristen Stewart

Kelly clarkson

Janet Jackson

Marion Cotillard

Catherine Deneuve

Some celebrities are beautiful anyway: blondes and brunettes. Here Kristen Stewart, it seems, to face anything at all. And what do you think, who cares more about the new image, and who better not change anything?

Preview photo by Adme, photo _agentgirl_ / instagram , _agentgirl_ / instagram

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