14 Celebrities After 40s but Still Beautiful and Looks Perfect After All It’s Secret

“Only superficial people do not judge by appearance. The real secret of the world is visible, not invisible, ” wrote Oscar Wilde, a classic of English literature, bearing in mind that all our passions and sorrows, our attitude to the world, are inevitably reflected on our faces. And apparently, the heroines of our article are beautiful not only externally, but also internally. And, no doubt, behind the perfect looks at 45+ is a huge work and self-discipline.


We looks at photos of famous ladies with interest and admiration We wonder how they can do?

14. Elizabeth Banks, 46

After the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2020, the world circled around a photo in which Elizabeth Banks poses in the same scarlet dress that she came to this event 16 years ago. Fans of the actress agreed that Banks has not changed over the years. What you can see again by looking at the live pictures on the  movie star’s Instagram .

13. Heidi Klum, 47 years old

I must admit that the German model and the former “angel” Victoria’s Secret is in great shape. The fact that Heidi is a mother of many children (she has 4 children), apparently, did not affect her figure.


12. Dita von Teese, 47 years old

The queen of burlesque , model and singer Dita von Teese for decades has not changed not only style but also appearance. Years go by, and she still has the same perfect porcelain skin and a figure of impeccable parameters with an aspen waist.


11. Padma Lakshmi, 49 years old

At the time, Padma Lakshmi became the first model of Indian origin on the main catwalks of the world – in Paris, New York and Milan. And it seems that the beautiful Indian woman – a former model, and now a TV presenter and actress – knows the secret of eternal youth and beauty.

10. Jennifer Lopez, 50

Jennifer Lopez can afford (and allows) any outfits: not so long ago, she walked the catwalk in the same Versace dress that she appeared at the Grammy Awards 20 years ago. And in the film “Strippers”, which premiered in September 2019, the film star sits on the splits and spins famously on the pylon .

9. Naomi Campbell, 50


8. Halle Berry, 53 years old

The actress is on “you” with sports and regularly posts photos and videos of her workouts on  Instagram . Elastic muscles, a thin waist, beautiful skin – all this is a huge job. One can only admire and, of course, take an example from her.

7. Salma Hayek, 53 years old


The Mexican film star does not hesitate to upload selfies on  Instagram without makeup and styling. Why be embarrassed if at 50 you look at least 10, or even 20 years younger?

6. Brooke Shields, 54 years old

Brooke Shields captivated viewers around the world at the age of 15 years, when she played in the film “Blue Lagoon” (1980). Now the actress’s eyes are still beautiful, and the figure allows you to boldly publish photos in a separate swimsuit.

4. Courteney Cox, 55

When you look at the pictures of Courtney Cox , you understand that Monica from the unforgettable “Friends” practically does not change over the years and is still beautiful. But since the premiere of the beloved series by many, no less than 26 years have passed.

3. Elle MacPherson, 56

The 90s supermodel was nicknamed The Body . She received it by appearing on 5 covers of Sports Illustrated in swimsuit. Looking at the fresh pictures of the beautiful Australian woman, you understand that the nickname applies to her today: any girl will envy such a figure.

2. Yolanda Hadid, 56 years old

One glance at the photos of Yolanda Hadid is enough to understand who her famous daughters Gigi and Bella Hadid went to. In her youth, Yolanda herself was a sought-after model and shone on the catwalks of the world.

1. Vera Wong, 70 years old

Fashion designer Vera Wong amazed subscribers by posting a picture in crop top and short shorts on her Instagram . I must admit that a woman is in magnificent physical shape.

Who, in your opinion, have we forgotten to add to the list of women over whom years have not dominated? Perhaps there are such among your mothers, grandmothers? Share photos with us.

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