10 Royal Wardrobe Secrets of Elizabeth II You Don’t Know

For 68 years, Elizabeth II has been Queen of Great Britain. Over the years, she has developed her impeccable style and fashion that make her busy social life easier. In this she is assisted by a team of stylists led by an advisor who has served the Queen for 25 years and reveals her secrets to the world.

We love to watch the new outings of Elizabeth II and we are happy to find out 14 secrets of her wardrobe.

Wears a crown shaped like a kokoshnik

In 1888, on her wedding anniversary, the Princess of Wales wanted to receive a crown in the form of a kokoshnik – the same one worn by her sister, the Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna. The craftsmen made an exact copy of the tiara, and since then it has been inherited by members of the British royal family. In 1947, Elizabeth II put on a crown at her wedding and appeared in it more than once after that.

Wore pants 8 times

Traditionally, women in the British royal family wear skirts or dresses when performing their duties. The queen gives them preference even during informal events. So, during her reign, Her Majesty was seen in trousers only 8 times – almost always during horseback riding.

Always paints herself, except for one day a year

Elizabeth II does her own makeup 364 days a year, even for events such as weddings, the opening of parliament and various official meetings. Only once a year she uses the services of a professional – when shooting a Christmas greeting.

Can’t wear big hats

Every year 40-50 hats are created for the queen, while she does not hesitate to repeat her images and wears some hats up to 10 times.
The Queen’s favourite milliner, Rachel Trevor-Morgan, has been told to make hats that don’t obscure her face and aren’t too tall, otherwise they might get stuck when she exits her car.

Never seen my dressing room

According to a former clerk of the palace, all of the queen’s outfits are kept on the top floor of the castle. Elizabeth herself has never been there, every morning she is taken out 2 samples of clothes, from which she chooses according to her mood.

Being a monarch is literally hard

At the annual opening of Parliament, the Queen always appears in the state carriage, conducts the event in ceremonial robes and the crown of the British Empire. But in 2019, Her Majesty, for the first time in almost 70 years, appeared at the opening in a more modest diadem. It is believed that the massive crown is too heavy : its weight is more than 1 kg. The Queen spoke of her like this: “You cannot bend your head and read speech. Because your neck will just break under the weight and your crown will fall. “

Her bags are older than some of us

The Queen has been a fan of one handbag brand for most of her life . She has about 200 copies, many of which are completely identical. And some handbags of a practical queen are 30-40 years old – that’s what quality means. Elizabeth’s main requirement is an elongated handle that does not cling to the sleeves and does not interfere with handshake. Plus, the bag should be light, roomy, but not large, without zippers and many sections.

Believes that the husband is better than any stylist

Her Majesty consults with her husband and always listens to his opinion about outfits. One day the queen was trying on new material for a dress and asked her husband if he liked it. A man famous for his sense of humor replied , “Is this new fabric for the upholstery of the sofa?”

Prefers the same type of umbrellas

For many years, Her Majesty has used the same umbrellas, which differ only in inserts in the color. The umbrellas are always transparent, because this is how the subjects can see their queen, and she can see them.

Knows how to get out of desperate situations with dignity

In 1998, Elizabeth flew to Malaysia for an event without having time to try on a hat in London. At the last moment, it turned out that the hat did not suit the queen at all, and there was no time to replace it. Then the stylist gave her outrageous advice: put the hat backwards. Her Majesty hesitated and decided to discuss this with her husband. Prince Philip agreed with the stylist, and the queen appeared in public in a headdress worn in reverse.

How do you think the Queen manages to keep the brand for so many years? Could you do that?

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