19 Pairs of Our and Foreign Stars, Who Suddenly Turned Out to Be The Same

Figures in the passport of famous people – it’s just a convention, because many actors, athletes, musicians and TV presenters on the red carpets always look stunning, as if they somewhere got a recipe elixir of eternal youth. Of course, Hollywood stars have set the bar high in pursuit of unfading beauty, but our celebrities also seem to know a couple of secrets, how to stay in great shape and stop worrying about the numbers on their birth certificates.

We at Happy Worthy Life sincerely wish that the favorite artists and singers continue to please millions of fans with their creativity for a long time, and for now we offer to compare our and foreign stars, who, as it turned out, were born in one year.

Alla Pugacheva (71) – Meryl Streep (70 years)

Ekaterina Andreeva (58 years) – Susan Boyle (59 years)

Lolita Milyavskaya (56 years) – Lisa Kudrow (56 years)

Andrey Malakhov (48 years) – Jude Law (47 years)

Natasha Korolev (47 years) – Heidi Klum (47 years)

Anna Mikhalkova (46 years) – Eva Mendes (46 years)

Tina Kandelaki ( 44) – Angelina Jolie (45 years)

Ivan Urgant (42 years) – James Franco (42 years)

Olga Kartunkova (42 years) – Katie Holmes (41 years)

Ksenia Sobchak (38 years) – Britney Spears (38 years)

Vera Brezhneva (38 years) – Anne Hathaway (37 years)

Alexander Gudkov ( 37 years) – Chris Hemsworth (36 years)

Sergey Lazarev (37 years) – Andrew Garfield (36 years)

Glukoza (34 years) – Emilia Clarke (33 years)

Alexey Vorobyov (32 years) – Conor McGregor (31 years)

Christina Asmus ( 32 years) – Emma Stone, 31 ( years )

Alexander Petrov (31 years) – Daniel Radcliffe (30 years)

Nyusha (29 years) – Margot Robbie (29 years)

Nastia Ivleeva (29 years) – Emma Roberts (29 years)

In your opinion, which celebrity does not exactly look at his age? It seems to us that Alla Pugacheva now will give a maximum of 50 with a ponytail, and you agree?

Photo preview Tarakanov Vadim / East News , Mega Agency / East News

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