20+ Photos of Elizabeth II Which the Royal Family No Hurry to Share

New photographs of Queen Elizabeth II appear almost regularly on the pages of various publications. But there are such pictures that, although they will not take novelty, but they will certainly be able to please connoisseurs of non-standard images of the royal person.

We have carefully studied the royal archives and want you to see Elizabeth II in a completely new guise.

That’s what Her Majesty looked like in infancy

Just look at this lovely child.

Princess Elizabeth at 9 years old. In the family circle she was affectionately called Lilibet

Princess Elizabeth with her mother, Queen Elizabeth

In this photo, the future queen is 13 years old. Hobby for horses will go through her whole life

Same age and victory in swimming competitions

1941 year. Princess Elizabeth participates in the home production of Cinderella as a Prince

During World War II, the future queen was a military mechanic

Elizabeth II served 5 months and became the first woman in the royal family to serve in the army. She came out from there with the rank of lieutenant.

At that time, this was a beautiful photo of Her Majesty, in which she appears in the form of sea rangers.

1951 year. Princess Elizabeth and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, with their children – Prince Charles and Princess Anne

And here is a little more royal mom. One year remains until the coronation of Elizabeth

During one of her visits to Nepal, Elizabeth II participated in a hunting race.

The Queen of Great Britain is already filming the arrival of ships during the world coronation tour

Just the Queen of Great Britain shakes hands with a girl in a spicy suit

But a truly epochal handshake is Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn Monroe. The latter, by the way, is only two months younger than the queen

Elizabeth II, together with the King of Morocco, Hassan II, eat with hands

And here the queen is dressed in mining equipment during a visit to the mine in Yorkshire

Another exception to the regular dress code at one of the gala events

A rare photo in which hem of dress of Elizabeth II above her knee. Here she is 51 years old

And now to the royal hobby. Remember, we talked about Her Majesty’s love for horses? This is how the queen celebrated her 79th birthday

Elizabeth II also loves to drive. But rarely travels outside of Windsor and, according to journalists, often neglects a seat belt

There was a time when the queen shared her husband’s passion for fishing. Now she just loves to often relax in nature

But the queen’s sweetest hobby is dogs. She take care of them for hours in her free time. Her favorite breed is Corgi

And yes, love for dogs also originates from Her Majesty’s very childhood

Which photos did you like the most?

Photo by Gettyimages

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