26 Stars Who Showed How They Look Without Glamorous Gloss at Home

There are still those who think celebrities are people from some other planet. They always look great, they probably have a lot of helpers around the house, and in general they are far from us ordinary. But that’s not the case at all. They also cuddle with their pets, cook dinner and stay in bed for a long time.


We studied the profiles of the stars and can confidently say that all these people are just like you and me.

Morning Jennifer Lopez in a fluffy robe

Emilia Clarke’s hugs with her beloved dog

Demi Moore after morel mushroom treasure hunt

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Morel mushroom treasure hunt…🍄

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“Dinner is ready (which cannot be said about hair)”

Just Julia Roberts in a T-shirt and gloves on the front porch

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Kaley Cuoco and loyal friend

Nina Dobrev and her pet on the bed

Jessica Simpson, like all of us, cooks a lot at once and fights dirt in the house.

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“Glamor then and now”

Jessica Alba’s home workouts

“I am quitting my main job! Thanks for the art supplies, Mom! “

Ana de Armas and her furry friend

Water treatments for Salma Hayek and her dog

Bella Thorne is beautiful without all those makeup

Selena Gomez is also among those who are not averse to preparing a delicious dinner on their own.

Natural beauty is priceless, and Dua Lipa is proof of that

Vanessa Hudgens loves taking selfies with her dog

Kristen Bell, a summer day and a favorite dog in her arms

Drew Barrymore says hello to everyone reading this right now.

We all watch TV, and Gwyneth Paltrow is no exception.

Shakira is ready to support all those who find it difficult to part with pajamas

Eva Longoria in all her glory

Another fluffy hug, this time from Cara Delevingne

I wonder if Margot Robbie eats a watermelon with seeds or not?

Love for your pet knows no bounds – Charlize Theron knows this for sure

Post your photos in the comments where you are doing your usual household chores! Show the world how beautiful you are.

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