30+ Oscar Dresses Over the Past 20 Years Have Made Splash on the Carpet

On February 10, an Oscar ceremony took place. The film award has existed since 1929, and the current one has already become the 92nd in a row. During this time, dozens of films were awarded by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and have gone down in the history of cinema forever.

On the red carpet, history is also happening – fashion and style. Celebrities every year demonstrate their own taste, and their dresses reflect the spirit of the era.

We at Happy Worthy Life looked at all the star dresses shown on the red carpet over the past 20 years, and we felt dizzy from such beauty. And although it was damn difficult to select just a couple of dozens of the best dresses, we did it.

Julia Roberts, 2001

Halle Berry, 2002

Faith Hill, 2002

Sandra Bullock, 2004

Renee Zellweger, 2004

Charlize Theron, 2004

Michelle Williams, 2006

Nicole Kidman, 2007

Marion Cotillard, 2008

Anne Hathaway, 2009

Jennifer Lopez, 2010

Zoe Saldana, 2010

Cate Blanchett, 2011

Hilary Swank, 2011

Angelina Jolie, 2012

Jessica Chastain, 2012

30+ Oscar Dresses Over the Past 20 Years Have Made Splash on the Carpet
© Anthony Harvey / PictureGroup / East News  

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence, 2013

Amy Adams, 2013

Angelina Jolie, 2014

Kate Hudson, 2014

Lady Gaga, 2015

Keira Knightley, 2015

Lupita Nyong’o, 2015

Cate Blanchett, 2016

Lady Gaga, 2016

Emma Stone, 2017

Nicole Kidman, 2018

30+ Oscar Dresses Over the Past 20 Years Have Made Splash on the Carpet
© Dan MacMedan/WireImage  

Margot Robbie, 2018

Gemma Chan, 2019

Jennifer Lopez, 2019

Janelle Monae, 2020

Charlize Theron, 2020

Scarlett Johansson, 2020

Bonus 1: shocking Billy Porter loves to attend the Oscars in a fluffy dress

Bonus 2: and the singer Björk dressed up as a swan in 2001

What dress would you add to this list?

Preview Photo Credit  Anthony Behar / Sipa USA / East News

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