8 Domestic Stars Whose Tattoos Hide Whole Stories

For most people, tattoos are a kind of reminder of certain moments of life. But the fates of all are different and the approach to decorating our bodies is also different for us all. Someone chose a pattern for several years to make it look perfect on the skin, someone made a tattoo spontaneously, passing with friends around the salon, and someone decided to put certain symbols on the body that should help in life. Celebrities are no exception. Many of them have interesting stories about body art: sad, hilarious and even ridiculous.


We Happy Worth Life decided to find out what is behind the tattoos of people who are widely heard today.

Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki was forced to make a tattoo to hide one of the scars she received in a serious accident. The accident happened in 2006 when the TV presenter was in Nice. As a result of the accident, the car caught fire and Kandelaki suffered serious burns, one of which was located on the brush of her left hand. For some time, Tina hid the scar, putting on sophisticated gloves, but then decided to make an unusual tattoo on this place. According to Kandelaki, this is not just an ornate pattern, but a sign of strength, and it was made by a master who flew to Moscow specifically for this work.

Later, the journalist said that she has 9 tattoos, each of which has its own sacred meaning.

Nastya Ivleeva


During the recording of the program “Eagle and Tails” in Bangkok, Nastya Ivleeva decided to make a Sak Yant magic tattoo. This is not just a decoration of the body, but a mixture of Buddhist prayers, shamanistic spells and mystical symbols. Many people believe that each of these tattoos has its own mission: one can improve health, the other can improve physical fitness. Nastya chose a symbol of wealth.

The drawing was applied to her without using an electric machine (the master worked with a long tube with an impressive needle at the end). After this, Ivleeva, according to the tattoo artist, was obliged to adhere to important rules: do not steal, respectfully speak about relatives and do not eat meat for 3 days.


Regina Todorenko

Another leading “Eagle and Tails”, which decided to get a tattoo during the filming of the program, is Regina Todorenko. In order to get the desired pattern, the girl tried to eat less and slept where she had to. Thus, she managed to save $ 70, which was enough for her only for a small triangle and 3 points.

Tattoos were made using the traditional Tahitian method. But the master was blind and the pattern came out crooked. Regina was extremely saddened by the result. Now she is trying to hide an unsuccessful drawing, which, according to the idea, symbolizes a shark tooth, under voluminous rings.

Laysan Utyasheva


The gymnast has several tattoos. One of them is located on the right wrist and is made in the shape of a six-pointed star. This picture symbolizes the positive attitude of Laysan to all religions that exist on the planet. But, according to the athlete, because of this tattoo, she earned a curvature of the spine. The girl believes that the symbol has such a powerful energy that everything attracts in its direction.


According  to the musician, tattoos helped him avoid the army. By the time of the call, 60% of Timati’s body was covered with patterns and inscriptions. For the commission, this became an occasion to doubt the rapper’s mental health, so he was sent for examination.


“I came there. They looked at me and said: “Apparently, you are not suitable for military service,” said Timati. According to the performer, his military card still contains the conclusion “mentally unstable”.

Pavel Priluchnyy

Paul’s famous barcode tattoo, located on his neck, was made during the filming of the movie “On the Game”. According to the plot, the character of Priluchny should have such a drawing, however, it was assumed that make-up artists would apply it every day. But the actor surprised the film crew by making himself a real tattoo. According to the recognition of the artist, at that moment he did not think that he could continue his film career, and decided that the pattern would remain to him in memory of the shooting. As we know today, Paul was mistaken about his acting future.


According  to the singer, she like sweet and can rarely deny herself the pleasure of knowing any dessert. Only such a diet itself scares Natalia Ionov a little. And the point is not so much that she tries to follow the figure, but that she considers sugar to be a harmful product in principle. The singer decided that she would fill a small tattoo with crossed out cake on her buttock and this would mark the beginning of her refusal of sweets. But this idea was not destined to be realized.

“After the tattoo was filled, I realized that it would not be very beautiful to cross it out, and it remained just a cake,” Glucose said. By the way, in the end, not only the idea of ​​a tattoo changed, but also the singer’s plans for nutrition: she never refused sweet.

Ilya Prusikin

The frontman of the Little Big group for a long time was afraid to get tattoos and preferred a body clean from drawings. Everything changed when Prusikin’s group was able to go on concerts to the European tour. In honor of this event, Prusikin stuffed a bear on his chest, which appeared on the cover of the band’s first music album. From that moment, Prusikin decided that he would collect bears on his body.

Today, in addition to a snarling bear on his chest, Ilya has a heraldry bear, bear footprints on his shoulders, cartoon bears muzzles on his back and knees, a bear from a documentary poster on his leg, a bear skull on his arm and many other images of this animal .

Do you have tattoos that you will never forget about drawing? Share these stories with us, and perhaps the next such article will not be dedicated to the stars, but to our readers.

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