8 Stars Who Put Their Beliefs Above Etiquette

Etiquette is an integral part of the life of every secular person. But it often happens that celebrities neglect the rules of behavior in society, which causes unprecedented excitement.

Bright Side decided to recall cases when stars violated etiquette and stood out from others. By the way, many of the celebrities in their act set new trends that were repeatedly repeated by other celebrities.

Julia Roberts walked barefoot in Cannes

In 2016, Julia Roberts walked the famous stairs of the Palais des Festivals and Congresses in Cannes barefoot, raising the hem of a luxurious Giorgio Armani evening gown. This act, of course, attracted the attention of the media and viewers and forced everyone to take a fresh look at the already established rules of etiquette, because Roberts showed that barefoot defile can also be incredibly elegant. However, against the backdrop of the scandal, when the security guard didn’t let several ladies in ballet shoes on the Cannes red carpet, the public perceived the act of Roberts as a protest against the introduced dress code – high heeled shoes.

Anna Wintour did not take off her glasses at a meeting with Queen Elizabeth

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It seems that the main trendsetter has neglected the rules of etiquette. Despite the established rules, the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine Anna Wintour did not take off her dark glasses in the presence of the queen. With this action, Wintour once again proved: fashion and style for her above all rules.

Emma Thompson came to Buckingham Palace in sneakers

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In 2018, actress Emma Thompson received the title of Lady Commander of the Superior Order of the British Empire. At the ceremony, which was held in Buckingham Palace, the famous actress came in sneakers, violating the rules of a strict dress code. However, this act Thompson set a peculiar trend, and this comfortable celebrity shoes began to be worn even at the most solemn events.

Helen Mirren refused a royal dinner

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Helen Mirren, who played Her Majesty in the film of the same name, refused the dinner to which she was invited by the queen. Representatives of the palace were outraged by Helen’s decision, and all because the queen found time in her busy schedule to have dinner with the actress, but she didn’t. But in this situation, everything is not so clear.

Lana Del Rey came to Grammy 2020 in a cheap dress she bought at a mall

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At the Grammy Music Award, Lana Del Rey came in a  cheap dress bought at a mall. “Initially, I had a different dress, but when the guy and I bought him a belt in the nearest shopping center, I saw this and fell in love with him,” the singer shared. The actress proves with her act: wearing what you love is not a shame, even if it is a dress from a cheap store.

Victoria Beckham broke the dress code at the royal wedding

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At the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, Markle Victoria Beckham and her husband David seriously violated the established dress code. According to these rules, all the ladies had to be dressed in a light outfit, and a hat was to complete their image. Victoria complied with the last point, but the dress chose the colors dark navy (dark blue). Perhaps the choice of attire is due to the fact that the secular person is not ready to sacrifice her own unique style for the sake of the established dress code. By the way, Elton John’s wedding also came in a dark dress.

Meghan Markle turned her back on the queen

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At the royal races that took place in Ascot, Meghan Markle broke one of the most important rules of the royal family. The wife of Prince Harry made the most rude gesture in relation to Elizabeth: during a conversation with her husband, she turned her back to the monarch. It happened by chance or this act was a gesture of protest against the royal rules – Megan fans are still guessing.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner break the rule on the prohibition of selfies

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Back in 2015, the chief editor of the American Vogue compiled a set of rules for the stars who are invited to Met Gala. And most important of them – no selfies . However, Instagram queens Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner could not resist and still violated the rule established by Wintour. And this act entailed a new trend: almost all stars began to take selfies on Met Gala. So, breaking the rule of etiquette, Kardashian and Jenner proved that modern trends are much better than the old and boring rules.

Kate Middleton threw her Christmas party

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In 2016, Kate Middleton broke an important rule: she neglected the RSVP mark and did not respond to the royal invitation for the Christmas holiday. Later, already in 2019, she also  threw her own party. To some, such behavior seemed outrageous. However, there are those who believe that Kate showed: no royal rules should interfere with living for pleasure.

And whose action, in your opinion, deserves respect?

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