A Website Has Appeared That Makes All Cartoon Characters. We Tested It On Celebrities (You Can Upload Your Own Photo Too)

Toonify  is a site from Justin Pinkney and Doron Adler who figured out how to bring ordinary people into the animation world. These developers have created an algorithm that turns each portrait into an image of a cartoon character. It turns out quite funny.


We at Happy Worthy Life decided to test the new program on photos of celebrities.

Angelina Jolie

Leonardo DiCaprio

Elle Fanning

Amanda Seyfried

Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston

Scarlett Johansson


Olivia Wilde


Tom Hiddleston

Selena Gomez

Jessica Alba

Keira Knightley

Benedict Cumberbatch

Tilda Swinton


Keanu Reeves

Have you turned yourself into a cartoon character yet? Show the result in the comments.

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