Ceremony Oscars 2020: Do Celebrities pay for Dresses

The first Academy Award ceremony was held on May 16, 1929. The event was attended by 250 people, it lasted 15 minutes, and the winners were known 3 months before the award. Now this is a large-scale event, watched by millions of viewers. And while some are discussing films and awards, the eyes of others are riveted to the outfits of stars on the red carpet. But what happens with luxurious dresses after the ceremony? Sit back, now we’ll tell you everything.

Happy Worthy Life tried to figure out where the dresses for the Oscars come from and where they then disappear.

How to prepare for the ceremony

Preparation for the main event of the year begins 3 months before the ceremony. A team of a cosmetologist, fitness trainer, nutritionist, hairdresser, make-up artist and stylist takes part in the star’s training on the carpet.

The stylist’s task is not only to come up with an image: he must also be an intermediary between the star and the designer. The stylist finds out who else will be in the outfit from this brand, and tries not to let two people come to the ceremony in the same clothes. As a rule, the stylist selects several images: one main and one spare in case of unforeseen circumstances. He accompanies the client and is always ready to help if something happened to the clothes: a seam has opened, a hole has appeared, a stain, and so on.

Where do the dresses come from

Demonstration of clothes on the carpet is a great advertisement for brands. They try to collaborate with celebrities so that they appear in their outfits on the carpet and at the party after the Oscars. And there are several ways to cooperate.

Celebrities have contracts with fashion houses. For example, Charlize Theron collaborates with Dior, Cate Blanchett is the face of Giorgio Armani. The contract states how many times and at what events a celebrity should wear an outfit from the brand. Dresses are sewn individually and they are exclusive.

Celebrities choose dresses from the latest collections. Therefore, you can see the same clothes first at fashion shows, and then on the carpet. In preparation for the Oscars, designers send up to 60 different variants of outfits for approval to the star and stylist.

Clothing size plays a crucial role here. Most dresses are produced in sizes XS and S. In 2012, 6 designers refused Melissa McCarthy: they simply did not have larger clothes.

How much do they cost

58th Academy Awards, 1986.

Independently buying clothes at the Oscars is considered bad form. Until the 80s, stars gathered at the event without anyone else’s help. Only stars of the first magnitude, such as Grace Kelly or Elizabeth Taylor, could count on cooperation with the fashion house. Giorgio Armani was the first to use the red carpet as an advertising space. Soon, Gianni Versace pulled himself behind him, and from the mid-90s, dresses from eminent designers filled the carpet paths.

So who pays for all these beautiful dresses?

And the designers themselves pay. They pay celebrities to go to the Oscars in their clothes. Red carpet price starts at $ 150,000 and up. If the star agrees, then she gets a tidy sum, the stylist – a percentage of the transaction, and the fashion brand – advertising.

Another option is a warm relationship between the designer and the celebrity: some receive a unique outfit, while others receive advertising. The musician Jared Leto is friends with Gucci director Alessandro Michele, so he comes to all important events in costumes from this brand. The sensational “swan” dress, in which Björk came to Oscar-2001, is also the result of the friendship of the singer and designer Marjan Pejoski.

Where stars store dresses after the Oscars

Ceremony Oscar 2020

Nowhere. Despite the fact that many outfits are individual and sewn for a particular celebrity, they are the property of the designer or fashion house. The return of clothing is given 48 hours. It is very rarely given, and there are several reasons for this:

  • The cost of one dress starts from several hundred thousand and ends with millions of dollars. And this is too expensive a gift. The famous green dress that John Galliano made for Nicole Kidman is valued at $ 2,000,000.
  • The star simply does not need an outfit: the second time you can’t put it on anywhere, and he will occupy a place in the closet.

What happens to the dresses later

Large fashion houses store dresses in their archives “for history.” Some outfits are real works of art or acquire cult status. They are sometimes shown at exhibitions or sold.

Givenchy’s Audrey Hepburn dress was auctioned at Kerry Taylor for $ 130,000 in 2011. Christian Dior’s red vintage Natalie Portman dress went under the hammer for a more modest amount of $ 50,000. Carpet outfits are now in private collections.

Small brands often rent such dresses. In the USA, the practice of renting evening dresses from various music awards and film awards is widespread. To rent such a dress can be a representative of the world of stars, as well as an ordinary person.

If you liked some outfit and want to get it, you can order a replica. Sometimes people like dresses so much that they are put into mass production.


  • A special person works on the red carpet, whose task is to hold and straighten the train of dresses.
  • Lupita Niongo’s “pearl” dress was stolen after the Oscar in 2015. Thieves managed to get into the room where the actress lived. But the attackers decided that they did not really need the outfit, and a few days later they returned it back.
  • Most often, the Oscars are given to ladies who came to the ceremony in Valentino dresses.
  • In 2003, a few hours before entering the red carpet, Salma Hayek burst dress … on the buttocks. To help the actress came Reese Witherspoon, who lent her spare outfit.
  • In 1998, actress Sharon Stone came to the ceremony in her husband’s white shirt and satin skirt.
  • The most expensive jewelry in the history of the ceremony was Lady Gaga’s vintage necklace. In it, she appeared at the Oscars-2019. The jewelry is valued at $ 30,000,000, and once owned by Audrey Hepburn.

What is your favorite Oscar carpet look?

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