How 11 Celebrities Would Have Looked Without Their Unique Appearance.

It would seem that the celebrities do not have to worry about their appearance. But they are people like us, with their complexes and shortcomings. Many celebrities hide imperfections and get rid of them by any means. And some made them their highlight or simply do not attach any importance to them, which does not prevent them from being the standard of beauty.

At Happy Worthy Life, we are sure that far from all the flaws need to be hidden, and even more so that it is not worth complexing because of them. But still they decided to check how the celebrities would look if they were deprived of any imperfection.

1. Whoopi Goldberg

1. Whoopi Goldberg How 11 Celebrities Would Have Looked Without Their Unique Appearance.

Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows at all. They say that in her youth she plucked them, turning them into a thin thread, but she overdid it, and some hairs simply stopped growing. Then the actress decided to get rid of them completely. And in general, the artist had serious complexes about her appearance. However, this did not stop her from receiving the main awards: Oscar, Grammy, Tony, Emmy, BAFTA and 2 Golden Globes, as well as her own star on the Walk of Fame. Well, the audience is already accustomed to the eyeless Whoopi and probably do not see this drawback at all.

2. Jason Momoa

2. Jason Momoa How 11 Celebrities Would Have Looked Without Their Unique Appearance.
© Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Stringer / Getty Images  

The scar on Jason Momoa’s eyebrow looks like an element of the actor’s style. And he got it as a result of a fight. A visitor to the bar attacked the artist and hit him several times with a broken bottle. Jason had 140 stitches, and there was a risk that his left eye would no longer be visible. However, everything ended well, and this defect even became a kind of visiting card of the actor, making him even more charming.

3. Paris Hilton

3. Paris Hilton How 11 Celebrities Would Have Looked Without Their Unique Appearance.

Paris Hilton has a rather noticeable drawback – an overhanging eyelid, or amblyopia, “lazy” eye syndrome: her left eye is much smaller than her right. During her social life, the girl learned to hide this flaw with the right make-up or languid look. Without this zest, a socialite would lose a share of her charm. And in general it is difficult to call it a drawback, because Paris often appears in the ratings of the sexiest celebrities.

4. Scarlett Johansson

4. Scarlett Johansson How 11 Celebrities Would Have Looked Without Their Unique Appearance.
© VALERIE MACON / Contributor / Getty Images  

According to Scarlett Johansson, her face is “too long.” The girl is clearly exaggerating, because more than once she has figured in the ratings of the most beautiful stars. Look, does her face look much more harmonious in the left photo?

5. Laetitia Casta

5. Laetitia Casta How 11 Celebrities Would Have Looked Without Their Unique Appearance.
© Berzane Nasser / ABACA / Abaca / East News  

Laetitia Casta proved that one does not have to be perfect in order to achieve unprecedented success. She turned her uneven teeth into a business card and does not plan to make a Hollywood smile out of them. And look: a smile really suits her, no matter what her teeth.

6. Seal

6.  Seal  How 11 Celebrities Would Have Looked Without Their Unique Appearance.
© Vivien Killilea / Stringer  

The scars on the face of singer Strength now do not bring him any discomfort. Moreover, he considers them his highlight, despite the fact that he was very shy in his youth. And they appeared from him because of a disease – systemic lupus erythematosus. This cosmetic flaw did not prevent the Force from making a successful career and marrying supermodel Heidi Klum. And indeed, without scars, he would have seemed too ordinary.

7. Linda Evangelista

7. Linda Evangelista

At school, Linda Evangelists was nicknamed Shovel because of the bizarre shape of the nose. Of course, the girl was very complex about this, but this did not stop her from becoming a famous supermodel, because her nose became a certain highlight in her appearance.

8. Kristen Stewart

7. Linda Evangelista
© Serge Arnal / Starface/STARFACE PHOTO /East News  

Kristen Stewart complexes because of her ears and therefore for a long time did not wear hairstyles that open this part of the body. The girl achieved world fame, was named the best actress of the decade and now she is calmly wearing short haircuts. Indeed, the ears add to her special charm.

9. Kate Bosworth

9. Kate Bosworth
© Gilbert Flores /Broadimage/Broad Image/East News  

Kate Bosworth is not shy about heterochromia – a different eye color, but rather, positions it as her dignity. But we are still interested in seeing how she would have looked if her eyes were the same color.

10. Lady Gaga

10. Lady Gaga
© Lady Gaga / instagram  

Before it reached popularity, the pop star stubbornly struggled with completeness and other “flaws.” For example, the singer has a rather large and expressive nose. Lady Gaga denies having plastic surgery, but now her nose seems a bit neater. Perhaps this is the merit of a competent makeup artist. But still she achieved world fame with all her imperfections. Agree, the nose is very suitable for her face, and it seems to us that there is no need to make it smaller.

11. Marilyn Monroe

11. Marilyn Monroe
© Image supplied by Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS  

Marilyn Monroe had a mild form of strabismus, because of which directors often refused her at the beginning of her career. But the artist did not plan to change anything and with the right make-up made her eyes much more expressive, and her slanting look was simply charming.

Do you think celebrities should be perfect and correct their flaws? Or maybe you want to change something in yourself?


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