Kim Kardashian’s daughter carried a Fendi bag and wore high heels despite being only 2 years old

Chicago West was famous for shopping for many expensive clothes and accessories since childhood.


The bigger, Chicago West more beautiful girl in the future. Kim Kardashian’s daughter has big round eyes, black eyes, strong brown skin and curls inherited from her mother.

Recently, Kim shared a picture of Chicago experiencing high heels, wearing Fendi tur-son-ton handbags and purple clothes.

Chicago tank top shirt, shorts material material purple mauve. She held in her hand a mini-sized Fendi Baguette Bag, pink and youthful pink.

Chicago was both unfamiliar and excited about having her mother carry a brand-name handbag and walk in high heels.

When the children dressed up stylish, Kim Kardasian proved very encouraging. “You’re so cute!”, “You look beautiful, my daughter,” Kim exclaimed as she saw Chicago toddler in open-toed heels, not matching the size of her feet.

After sharing a picture of Chicago on his personal page, the online community left many praising comments for the 2-year-old daughter of reality TV star Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

@RightLeft account commented: “Sweet little girl”.

“Chicago is so lovely” is a compliment from @Relax user to his daughter Kim.

Not only Chicago, Kardashians children from childhood have been living in wealth, using expensive clothes, expensive accessories from famous brands in the world.


Kayne West’s wife ordered 8 Louis Vuitton Mini Speedy Bags with colorful monogram motifs for Chigaco and the children in the family, with the price of about 2,000 USD / unit.

When Chicago was 13 months old, Kim let her walk indoors in Yeezy’s spearhead shoes for $ 592 , while holding a Hermès Kelly Bag bag worth $ 17,500 .

Kim’s daughter soon became acquainted with the luxury brand from a young age, though she was not aware of fashion.

Chicago West is the third son of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, born in January 2018. After the girl was born, fans wondered where this unique name came from.


Kanye West prides itself on its urban mid-western origin. He expressed this through the lyrics of many of his songs. Therefore, the Chicago name of the daughter he and his wife deeply loved is completely understandable.

Chicago West has a luxurious life that many people desire. She and other siblings in the family are often led by her parents to events, travel around the world, live in luxurious villas and use high-end brands every day.

Kim Kardashian family is admired by the luxurious life, as well as the fashion sense of the members.

Preview Photo by kimkardashian

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