Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande Raise Awareness About Coronavirus Disease

Before the rapid spread of the disease, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande advised fans to be careful, stay healthy before the pandemic.


In the complex context of the worldwide epidemic, many international stars urge fans to be cautious about the dangers that the virus poses.

On March 15, on his personal page, Taylor Swift posted a state of concern. The American singer advised the audience to stay home, to avoid gathering in crowded places

Taylor Swift and 
Ariana Grande worried about Covid-19.

“I am really skeptical that people are not yet aware of the seriousness of the disease. I still see many people gathering and partying despite the virus spreading at breakneck speeds. We need to postpone every succession.” plan, stay home as much as possible. No signs of illness does not mean that you are healthy. Sacrifice games and protect the community, “Taylor Swift wrote.

Previously, the voice of The Man has canceled the show at NCAA The March Madness Music 2020 due to the negative situation of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Besides Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande also expressed discontent before individuals who underestimated the danger of nCoV. The singer posted a series of tweets criticizing and saying, “These people make me unable to calm down”.

“This time, I was surprised to see a large part of people in society say that this is not a big deal. But that was a few weeks ago. Now the disease has spread globally. Please do not turn a blind eye and stop your selfishness, “Grande added.

Many celebrities have had to cancel tours, stop filming or produce television programs …

A number of cinematic works scheduled to be released during this period have also been postponed, to help prevent the spread of the disease. Many Hollywood stars like Heidi Klum, Lady Gaga , Miley Cyrus … now self-quarantine at home in accordance with the instructions of medical experts.


In another case, on March 12, actor and actress Tom Hanks announced positive for nCoV when filming in Australia. Latest, French Bond Girl – Olga Kurylenko has just confirmed infection.

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