The Story of Friendship of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, Who We Will Always Remember

The existence of such an ambiguous thing as friendship between a man and a woman has been debated for decades. But those who believe that there can be more than a romantic attraction between the sexes do not tire of being inspired by the stories of such relationships.

We at Happy Worthy Life were interested in how the communication between two such bright Hollywood stars as Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks developed. And we enjoyed watching the films with their participation and studied the interviews of these talented actors.

Tom and Meg first met on the set of the movie “Joe Against the Volcano” in 1990 and have not parted since. An exemplary family man Hanks, whose marriage with Rita Wilson continues to this day, helped Ryan, who had several high-profile novels behind him, deal with problems in cupid affairs.

Rita Wilson was not at all jealous of her husband for the actress, believing that there were no romantic intentions in their communication. And Tom was always ready to provide the cinema colleague with the necessary emotional support.

“The first time I met Meg Ryan, I did not recognize her and thought I was chatting with some fool at a coffee table.”

Tom Hacks

The next collaboration between Hanks and Ryan was the cult romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle, which was released in 1993. Interestingly, Dennis Quaid, the husband of the actress , claimed the role that Tom got . And  instead of Meg we could contemplate Julia Roberts and Kim Basinger.

The third creative meeting of bosom friends took place after 4 years. This time, the acting duo appeared in the movie “Letter to You”, which brought Meg 4 nominations for various film awards and 1 prestigious award.

“There are very long scenes in“ Sleepless … ”and in“ Letter to You ”, which do not exist in other films. We shot the scene from “Letter to You”, where Meg lies with a cold in his apartment, for 5 days, because it took 12 pages of the script. We rehearsed it right on the spot, so the main emphasis was not on words, but on emotions. I just love this kind of work, but the directors I had to work with can’t stand it. “What? To shoot the scene for 5 days ?! “For this you need to have patience.”

Tom Hacks
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Old friends reunited in 2015 – it was then that Meg began her directorial career and invited Tom to star in her film. Ryan filmed a novel by William Saroyan’s “Human Comedy.”

The dramatic film, the story about a family that survived the hardships of World War II. Meg herself also played a role in her picture, and, as you can see, these two are good not only in films but also in love.

“When we shot his scene, he told the crew:“ I know that we got to know each other well in the last 10 hours we spent together, but I just want to thank you for being here for my friend Meg. ” It was a friendly gesture. I love him so much. ”

Meg Ryan
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And in 2016, colleagues met on the TV show “Good Morning America”: the host sent a separate invitation to everyone, and this was a pleasant surprise for Tom and Meg. Hanks saw Ryan through the window and  shouted : “Honey, I love you! I will find you. I’ll wait for you! I will meet you in the park! Let’s eat a hot dog and get to know each other again! ”

What do you think of the friendship between a man and a woman?

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