We Compared 19 Celebrities Exits to Catwalks. On Whom Sits Better – You Decide

Celebrities often come out in dresses from the latest designer collections. And some of the stars prefer vintage outfits from shows of past years. As, for example, hip-hop singer Cardi Be, who chose the Grammy dress from the 1995 collection for the red carpet. And catwalk dresses on celebrities always sit differently than on models. It’s better on someone, worse on someone, but always different.


Happy Worthy Life compares with interest models’ catwalks during a fashion show with designer appearances at various events. And whoever suits this or that outfit more is up to you.

19. Screening of Oscar de la Renta and Celine Dion

Celine Dion is called a street style star and a fashion icon. And the Canadian singer does not get tired of proving that these epithets are deserved. So, she appeared in a spectacular outfit from the Oscar de la Renta fall-winter 2020 collection. Unlike the catwalk image, the star chose elegant white over dark green over the knee boots. A bouquet of peonies has become an additional emphasis.

18. Showing Mugler and Cardi B

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At the Grammy Awards ceremony in 2019, a hip-hop singer appeared in a vintage dress from the 1995 Mugler collection. Fashion critics compare the dress with Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”  – a dark skirt reveals a “shell”, and the top of the outfit has a naked body effect.

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17. Fashion show Iris van Herpen and Cara Delevingne

For publication, Cara Delevingne chose a dress of the Dutch brand Iris van Herpen with a psychedelic print. The girl repeated the catwalk one-on-one, right up to hair styling.

16. Gucci and Nicole Kidman show

At a press conference on the shootings of the series “Play Back” , Nicole Kidman appeared in the image from the spring-summer 2020 Gucci collection. The actress chose not to wear sunglasses on a thick chain, and instead of a skirt with high slits she chose trousers.


15. Fashion show of Giambattista Valli and Natalia Vodianova

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To appear at the charity evening of the Naked Heart Foundation in London in 2019, the model and philanthropist chose a lush cowberry-colored dress with many flounces. The image was complemented by a multi-tiered necklace and earrings. Elven ears became an unexpected accessory, thanks to which Natalia became like a princess from a fairy tale.

14. Screening of Dries Van Noten and Margot Robbie

Thanks to the decor of feathers on the basque Margot Robbie at the premiere of the film “Birds of Prey” itself looked like an exotic bird. Unlike the catwalk image, the actress did not have a long train of polka dots on the skirt, but large earrings-rings studded with rhinestones complemented the image.

13. Fashion show of Emilia Wickstead and Renee Zellweger

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A tight-fitting pink dress with bare shoulders emphasized the figure of the actress. Zellweger complemented the image with elegant white boats. The multi-colored umbrella, which the star had to pick up due to heavy rain, made its exit even more vivid and memorable.


12. Showing Givenchy and Rihanna

We Compared 19 Celebrity Exits to Catwalks. On Whom Sits Better - You Decide
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To attend the award ceremony of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People of the USA, the singer chose Givenchy dress in rich violet color. The image was complemented by sandals with high lacing and massive earrings in the color of the dress.

11. Showing Givenchy and Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot appeared on the Oscar 2020 red carpet in a Givenchy dress with a lush pink skirt and black lace bodice. Unlike the outfit that was demonstrated on the catwalk, Gadot lacked wing sleeves. Also, the actress did not emphasize the waist with a wide belt.


10. Fashion show Richard Quinn and Kendall Jenner

We Compared 19 Celebrity Exits to Catwalks. On Whom Sits Better - You Decide
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A luxurious dress with large flowers emphasizes the perfect figure of Kendall Jenner. In this outfit, she appeared at the Emmy 2019 Awards.

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9. Ralph & Russo and Olivia Kalpo show

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Model and actress Olivia Kalpo for the appearance on the red carpet of the Cannes festival in 2019 chose a wedding outfit Ralph & Russo. And I must admit that “Miss Universe – 2012” looked in this outfit simply stunning.

8. Moschino and Rita Ora show

To enter the world, Ora chose a “painted” dress from Moschino. Stockings and gloves with black scribbles, a huge bow, as if painted with a marker – the dress looks quite shocking, but it goes to the singer. And styling in the style of Marilyn Monroe only complements the image.

7. Ralph & Russo & Nicole Kidman Fashion Show

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A dress on the floor, emphasizing the shape of the figure, and golden curls that frame the face – this is a real Hollywood classic. It seems to us that the actress is very suited to this sophisticated image.

6. Screening of Emilia Wickstead and Duchess of Cambridge

This is the case when there is no doubt that a smile is the best decoration of any image. To exit the duchess, this azure blue dress changed the cut of the sleeve. Also, the image is complemented by a small bow-brooch.

5. Showing Givenchy and Julianne Moore

Due to the strange headgear, the model looks like an alien creature in this outfit. And Julianne Moore, as befits a movie star, is simply gorgeous in a silver dress with sequins and a pink wrap. The actress complemented the image with a silver clutch and elongated earrings.

4. Fashion show of Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga

For the London premiere of the movie “A Star Is Born,” Lady Gaga chose the Alexander McQueen dress from the 2013 collection with an embroidered corset, lace collar and a full skirt. The image of the white queen was complemented by makeup in pastel colors and hair gathered in a bun.

3. Display of Chanel and Penelope Cruz

I must admit that the exquisite Chanel outfit in silver-gray tones sits equally well on both the model and the actress. Penelope complemented her look with a clutch and elegant elongated earrings.

2. Moschino and Zendaya show

A luxurious butterfly dress does not require any accessories, because the best decoration of any butterfly is its catchy color. Therefore, Zendaya only complemented the image with laconic black sandals. It is curious that in the dress of the actress and singer, unlike the catwalk image, the butterfly for some reason lost its antennae.

1. Fashion Show Jean Paul Gaultier and Eva Green

Eva Green showed an example of how an extravagant look from the catwalk can be turned into a luxurious outfit for red carpets. The dress was complemented by the actress Jean Paul Gaultier with metallic high-heeled sandals, precious wrist bracelets, earrings and makeup with an emphasis on bright lips.

Which of these fashion battles do you think won the models and which celebrities won?

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  • Why 30 Year Olds Today Do Not Want to Move Away From Their Parents and this is no Longer Considered Shameful

    Over 25% of people aged 20 to 34 in the UK live with their parents. From 1996 to 2017, their number increased from 2.7 to 3.4 million, and the trend is more characteristic of men than women. This figure is already called a record, and the trend is gaining momentum not only in Foggy Albion, but also around the world.

    At Happy Worthy Life, we wanted to get to the point: why did the vector change direction dramatically and more and more people around the age of 30 live with their mother and father. Indeed, more recently, young people sought to move out of their home as early as possible.

    For a long time, life with parents was condemned

    If by the age of 25 someone from the company did not get a rented or own apartment, they looked at him with some distrust and considered it to be unpromising. This perception was justified by a number of reasons.

    1. Infantilism

    “Infantil” sounds deliberately negative: such a person is quite comfortable after 30 years in his father’s house. Moreover, as a rule, he works part-time, from case to case, or even may not have a source of income – roughly speaking, live off of his parents.

    If we dig deeper, we will see that the reason for parasitism is far from always lies in the offspring of the offspring. Infantilism is generated by hyper-custody at a young age: the child gets used to the fact that all his problems are solved by mom and dad, and continues to follow this model of behavior as an adult. To refuse her son or daughter is in no hurry due to the pain of the process.

    2. The standards of education laid down by the older generation

    Who brought up people who condemned adult peers who continue to live with their parents? People from the baby boomer generation who are distinguished by team spirit and who prioritize family values, and generations X. The latter are independent and confident: the main thing in life is stability. It was important for girls to get married for life as soon as possible, for boys to finish high school and find a job for life.

    During the upbringing, parents invested precisely these norms in children’s heads. Those who have learned them are also used to rely only on themselves and tried to get to their feet as early as possible and provide for themselves. Hence the desire to live separately, even in a rented apartment. Less successful friends and acquaintances caused bewilderment and pity.

    3. Low qualification

    © pexels  

    This item follows from the previous one. A person who is not able to earn a rented apartment or room could be considered a poor employee (he did not find a profitable place). Unable to live separately – probably the reason is in finances. And they are not due to a low level of professionalism or inability to “spin”.

    4. Psychological or physiological problems

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    Some of those who did not leave the parental home were attributed certain psychological problems. The logic is simple: a person cannot cope with emotions or solve a question himself – which means that he can suffer from some kind of mental disorder or even illness.

    5. Financial problems

    Large-scale financial disasters (for example, the crisis of 1998 or 2008) affect a significant part of the population, so this reason seems to be the most objective. For example, in such periods, businessmen are more likely to burn out and be left without a livelihood.

    In some cases, people lost real estate and all their savings, and in order to improve their lives, they will have to spend some time with their parents or friends. In addition to financial crises, the existence of unsecured loans for higher education pushed for life with the parents of young people. According to statistics, in 2018, the total amount of outstanding loans in the United States amounted to $ 1.5 trillion.

    Over time, society changed its perception and found good reasons to live with mother and father

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    And what was perceived yesterday with a hint of negativity, today finds a completely rational explanation.

    1. Kidalt and infantil are not the same thing

    © pexels   © pexels  

    This term appeared in 1960-1980, and later became widespread. Scammers (from kid – “child”, adult – “adult”) are called adults (30 years and older) who have hobbies typical of adolescents: cartoons, computer games, fantasy. Often they have a weakness for fashionable gadgets and actively follow technical updates.

    The difference between scammers and infantiles is that children’s hobbies do not interfere with the first, sometimes even vice versa. An adult who regularly interacts with computer or mobile games can develop the talent of a developer or artist. Hobbies act as earnings or psychological relaxation. As a rule, they require considerable investments. Along with a hobby from childhood, such people took with them a lifestyle. That’s just a burden for parents, they are not and, if necessary, actively help them.

    2. The desire to gain financial independence

    This thesis may seem contradictory, but if you calculate the costs associated with renting a house, everything falls into place. Instead of laying out a tidy sum for rental housing each month, you can maintain an apartment with your parents, saving a significant part of the income for your own housing or the realization of a dream (for example, launching your own business project).

    3. Improving education

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    The higher the level of education and life, the lower the birth rate and desire to start a family. In the absence of a family, the need for a separate home is lower. Education is becoming more accessible, therefore, more likely to get a well-paid job.

    In addition, there are new areas of activity that were not there before – the same notorious blogging. A high standard of living actually eliminates the need for support and care: why do we need a partner if everything you need can be obtained without it? At a minimum, why rent an apartment if you can live with your parents and see each other several times a week?

    And more…

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