What Wrong With Modern Stars Who Became Each Other Like Twins

The modern beauty industry is experiencing another boom: even ordinary people have the opportunity to create the perfect look. What can we say about celebrity – these beauties on their pages on Instagram always look amazing. However, netizens noticed that the current stars copy each other’s style and generally look like sisters. We asked ourselves: why, with such an abundance of cosmetics and procedures, did our beloved celebrities lose their distinctive features?

Happy Worthy Life took a look at modern beauty trends and found out why society no longer needs personality.

What is homogenized beauty

What is homogenized beauty
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In the professional speech of psychologists, a new term has recently appeared that describes modern standards of appearance: “homogenized beauty.” It comes from the name of the process, during which a mixture of two or more insoluble substances is brought to a state of homogeneity.

In the modern understanding of beauty, there is no place for individuality. All highlights such as a nose with a hump, a round face or protruding ears are considered a drawback. As a result, crowds of celebrities who are difficult to distinguish from each other are watching us from TV screens and pages on social networks. Here are the standard looks that cultivate fans of average beauty:

  • A graceful upturned nose with a narrow back.
  • Thick eyebrows.
  • Clearly defined high cheekbones.
  • Plump lips (matte lipstick is also a non-permanent attribute).
  • Narrow chin.

What Wrong With Modern Stars Who Became Each Other Like Twins
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There is nothing wrong with the desire to meet generally accepted standards, but what should the audience do? Indeed, in order to distinguish one celebrity / influencer from another, you need to greatly pump observation.

On the other hand, a large number of people like this type of beauty. This is clearly shown by millions of subscribers to the stars of show business in social networks.

Standard beauty is understandable to any person

Standard beauty is understandable to any person

Standardized beauty for that and standardized, so that anyone could understand and love it. No matter where we live, what language we speak and what we believe, large eyes, puffy lips and a chiseled chin attract attention. This universal beauty code is close to everyone.

To understand the non-standard beauty, you need to make some effort. A whole story can be hidden behind a scar, a nose with a hump or an ugly mole. However, a modern consumer society requires quick decisions and leaves no time to think.

A professional beautician can easily change your face in several patterns

A professional beautician can easily change your face in several patterns
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Math is beautiful. Of course, not all humanities will agree with this statement. However, on a subconscious level, people like a clear order. Here are a few formulas that can describe a beautiful face:

  • If the proportions of the face and body of a person correspond to the principle of the golden ratio, then they will seem attractive to others. Here you can find out how your face fits into the golden ratio grid.
  • “Correct” mandibular angle (angle of the lower jaw). In modern cosmetology, an angle of 120-130 ° is considered beautiful for women. Fortunately, the “wrong” angle can be corrected with filler injections and a visit to a good orthodontist who will restore the correct bite.

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The Ricketts line is a straight line connecting the tip of the nose and chin. Thanks to this imaginary line, a beautician can create a seductive smile. The secret is that the lips should not protrude beyond the line, but also sink strongly.

Homogenized beauty is a commodity

Homogenized beauty is a powerful marketing tool. To look canonical, you need to regularly invest in large amounts. Singers, actresses and simply famous bloggers demonstrate flawless make-up on their pages on social networks and at the same time sell their secrets to face and body care to their fans.

In order to be like a modern ideal, you can have plastic surgery, but it is painful and expensive. And you can buy 3 types of foundation, highlighter, shimmer, eyebrow growth agent, hair mask, for the area around the eyes and a bunch of different tubes. According to the most conservative estimates, the cosmetology industry brings its owners $ 64 billion annually.

Women and men follow the herd instinct inherent in genes

Women and men follow the herd instinct inherent in genes
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There is nothing offensive in the herd instinct: for thousands of years it has helped humanity survive in difficult conditions. People repeated one after another the most successful patterns of behavior, lived longer and better. Well, those who did not meet generally accepted standards were beaten with sticks, burned at the stake or simply not accepted into a “decent society”.

The desire to imitate successful women and men is another manifestation of this instinct. Standard beauties are surrounded by fans, expensive cars, they travel around the world. According to the logic of the majority, it is worth copying the “correct” appearance, and then successful marriage / good work / army of subscribers / million likes are provided.

What Wrong With Modern Stars Who Became Each Other Like Twins
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As Beyoncé appeared in the body, other pop singers copied such an outfit. And all because he attracted the attention of millions of viewers around the world.

Our society has changed priorities

What Wrong With Modern Stars Who Became Each Other Like Twins
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You can hoarsely argue about the morals of modern youth, give arguments for and against its lack of spirituality. However, sociologists argue that over some 100 years the values ??of society have changed dramatically.

  • 50% of British teenagers want to become famous. It is in this wording. Children do not want to be famous astronauts, recognized physicists or cool doctors. Being just celebrity without certain occupations is a typical dream of a modern teenager.
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology analyzed the interests of young people in different periods. And if at the beginning of the XX century information about actors was searched for by 16% of respondents, then by the XXI century the share increased to 27%.

Going to the beautician was as easy as brushing your teeth.

To change the shape of the nose or cheekbones, 10 years ago it was necessary to go to bed under the surgeon’s knife. Therefore, even famous women and men were in no hurry to correct minor imperfections. But today there are new technologies like injections of fillers or threads that can correct the shape of the face and even change the shape of the chin without incisions and a long rehabilitation.

Was it better before?

What Wrong With Modern Stars Who Became Each Other Like Twins
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Actually no, it wasn’t better. Women and men always wanted to look fashionable. In one time period, cellulite hips were considered beautiful, in the other – pale faces in a vampire style, well, in the third, the girls chained themselves together in corsets.

Today, globalization and affordable Internet have accelerated processes and erased cultural differences. However, there is nothing wrong here: the prudent use of cosmetology and plastic surgery positively affects a person’s emotional background and adds self-confidence.

Perhaps in a couple of years, or even earlier, the standards will change and we will again begin to recognize the stars, actresses and singers who today are so much alike.

How do you think fashion will change in the near future? What will replace thick eyebrows and puffy lips?

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