10+ Before and After Photos That Make You Believe in the Magic of Time

Everything in our life has changes very quickly. And it’s good that progress has given us such a valuable thing. After all, how else to capture important moments and see what incredible transformations can occur with people, animals and objects – old and not so.

We have created a whole gallery of before and after photos that will help you believe that there is magic in the world . And at the end of the article you will find a curious bonus.

1. The doggie has matured, but the habits remain

2. The same building 16 months apart.

3. “View from the car window on the way to work and home”

4. I can’t believe that all this is just a drawing

5. “Gave a new life to a 140-year-old frying pan”

6. My first day of kindergarten 30 years apart.

7. “Grandmother on her wedding day in 1955 and in the same dress in 2005”

8. Cleaned this cast iron cooking stove from 1904. It’s still shiny!

9. They are the same deer 5 months apart

10. “On the left, I am in 1991 in a new motorcycle jacket. On the right, I’m in it in 2019 “

11. “My first and last days at school”

12. The boat transformation after painting

10+ Before and After Photos That Make You Believe in the Magic of Time

13. Save clothes from the trash.

14. Years go by, but nothing changes

Bonus: singer Adele was able to lose more than 20 kg

The singer posted this photo on Instagram on her birthday, May 5.

Are there such pictures in your archives?

Photo by Adele / instagram

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