12 Familiar Things of Color That Have General Reason

It is believed that black and white cinema has always shown us the truth and in the world there is really no blue water, no yellow sun, no green grass. Only colorless objects of varying degrees of illumination. Like it or not, but we can distinguish colors, more than 7 million , and some items received them for a reason. Italian sports cars, children’s buses, even kitchen sponges – the color of each of these items follows a certain logic.

We at Happy Worthy Life decided to study this logic and found the reasons why the following 12 items, not counting the bonus at the end, are painted in that color.

Sports cars Ferrari

Admit it: when they say “sports car”, you represent the bright red Ferrari ? This image firmly stuck in our heads. That’s just why the Italian company chose this color? The answer in the name of the car: a sports car, that is, a sports car. And in the racing world, all countries have their own colors. Guess what color Italian riders wear? Right, red. By the way, the British spoke in green cars, and the French in blue.

Sponges for washing dishes

Perhaps most of us in the kitchen have a bright yellow sponge. They come in other colors, but it was the yellow ones that started to be released first. In the 1940s, DuPont decided to copy the color of natural sea sponges, which people then used in the kitchen. This has maintained confidence in the products and ensured sales.

The color of the sponge can also determine how hard it is. Red color means that the sponge is designed for delicate cleaning, it is the softest. Black is the toughest sponge, followed by the degree of softness is green, then blue.

Emblem of the red cross

All over the world, this symbol is considered a sign of volunteering and charity. The organization was founded in 1863 by the Swiss businessman Henri Dunant after the Battle of Solferino. The entrepreneur was struck by the almost complete absence of doctors on the battlefield and decided to fix it. In honor of the founder, a symbol was chosen – a red cross . This is the Swiss flag, on the contrary, that’s all.

Taxi cars

If you see a yellow car, it’s a taxi . A rule that applies in almost all countries of the world. But it all began in the West. John Hertz is considered the founding father of this tradition, he repainted the cars yellow and sent them to work on the streets, having founded the Yellow Cab Company taxi company in 1910 for this. The fact is that at that time, thanks to Henry Ford, who saved on everything, the cars were only black. So the yellow Hertz cars stood out against their background.

Fire Hydrants

In films, we often see heroes crashing into these bright red columns by car. But in life they cannot always be like that. In some countries, they are painted in different colors to show how many gallons of water per minute they can deliver. The most popular are red, orange, green and blue. At the same time, the red color indicates that the device is capable of providing the weakest pressure in the amount of less than 500 gallons per minute.

White flag of the world

They began to use the white flag as a symbol of surrender in Asia during the reign of the eastern Khan dynasty. Colored fabrics were expensive at that time, so they used cheap, non-dyed fabrics in the war. In addition, the white flag is neutral, it can not be confused with a combat banner, which always tried to make colorful.

School buses

In many countries of the world, schoolchildren are transported bright yellow buses to and from school . The decision that school vehicles should be of this color was made in the New World back in 1939, considering that it attracted attention and was easy to notice for other drivers even in the dark.

Football balls

Initially, the balls were made of leather, and they were all brown. Those balls that we know have appeared not so long ago. And they came up with coloring at Adidas. At first, when the balls were just beginning to be made of plastic, they were all white. However, Adidas decided that the black and white balls would look better and, more importantly, the contrast – it was easier to see them on the TV screen, because the picture at that time was also black and white.

Traffic signals

The fact that the choice of colors for the traffic light fell on red, yellow and green is due to several factors. Firstly, red was always associated with danger, and green, on the contrary, was perceived as calm. Secondly, red is the color of a long solar wave , so it can be seen even from a great distance. Yellow was chosen because it has a shorter wave than red, but it is not as short as green.

For the same reason , the international Stop sign was also made red . Initially, it was yellow and even black and white, but due to poor visibility it often served as the cause of accidents.

Toilet paper

Most often, toilet paper is just white, although in its raw form it looks brown. Manufacturers have several reasons for bleaching paper. The main one – white color is associated with purity and looks more natural than brown. In addition, the  lignin polymer, which makes the wood fibers dense, is removed during the bleaching process . Removing lignin extends the life of the roll, so it can be stored for a long time in the warehouse and sold on the shelves. In addition, dyes can be harmful to health.

Car tires

The rubber used for tire production is actually white, but carbon black is added to extend the life of the tire . It is he who gives the product a rich black color. Carbon black increases the strength and durability of tires, removing heat and protecting them from ultraviolet radiation.

Competition Leader’s Vest

In most competitions, whether running or biathlon, the season leader often goes the distance in a  yellow vest . This tradition dates back to the Tour de France bicycle race. The race was originally held as a public competition under the auspices of the Paris newspaper L’Auto. The riders’ shirts were painted yellow according to the color of the newspaper. Subsequently, T-shirts of other colors were used, but yellow turned out to be the most popular.

Bonus: pet color. Siamese cats are albinos , whose color depends on body temperature: the warmer, the lighter the coat. Over the years, body temperature drops and the color darkens

“This is a photo of my Siamese cat with a difference of two years. It has become much darker . ”

We are sure that you are no worse than us versed in the colors of objects. Is there anything to add to this list?

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