16 Fascinating Pictures You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

We spend so much time in our little cubicles and corners of the world that it is easy to forget the amount of wonder and incredible scenery that surrounds us. Take a look at these fascinating photos of unusual things and places but some have been fortunate to see in person.

Redwoods are really big

This is a rare brown husky

Frozen house after a big blizzard

The buildings of the Vertical Forest in Milan, Italy.

A bridge for wildlife to cross the road.

Modern sand castle

Amsterdam at night

What a lion cub looks like in the womb.

What a platypus skeleton looks like

Venice at night

After the Myanmar police tried to erase a protest street painting with black paint, the artist created an X-ray version of the original.

This 18-ton jade rock discovered in Canada

The clearest picture of Pluto

The smallest coin in the world, the 1/4 Swiss franc. 2.96mm diameter, weighs 0.0063g.

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