17 Photos in Which Only Real Detective Can Figure Out Where’S Mom and Where’s Daughter

Our values ​​change dramatically when we have children. We try to pay all attention to them and often to the detriment of ourselves. No wonder that wrinkles quickly appear, hair becomes stiff and naughty. Do not have time to look back, and from the mirror you are no longer looking at a girl, but a stern woman. But some mothers argue that you can still give in to your daughter and look chic, at any age.


We at Happy Worthy Life believe that children only make us better both internally and externally. And the heroines of these photos are excellent proof of this.

The case when the daughter is all in mom, but mom is not behind her daughter

One mood and almost the same age, at least outwardly

When a mother, in the center, looks, if not younger, then at least the same age as her daughters


“Many say my daughter and I are very similar.”

Her mother probably revealed the secret of eternal youth

The father of the family (he is on the left) looks young, but here mom does not stand out from the background of the eldest daughter


Demi Moore is also hard to find in this photo.

Miley Cyrus and her mom are just the same

Like Vera Brezhneva with her daughter Sonya, it seems that the singers have it in their blood


Here, too, you can guess for a long time, so just say: daughter on the right

Agree maximum sisters


Mom in pink, immediately visible – keeps herself in great shape

No, it’s not triplets, but mom and 2 daughters around the edges

We ourselves don’t know exactly who is the daughter and who is the mother

At first glance – a company of girlfriends, in fact – a mother, the second on the left, and her daughters

Perhaps they are often mistaken for girlfriends or sisters.

Sure, like Jessica Alba with her daughter

Are your mother often mistaken for your sister? Do not be shy, share photos, we will be surprised together.

Photo by Angell524 / reddit, Adme

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