15 Strange Things That for Some Reason Very Popular With Buyers

What is no longer on the market: smart watches, robotic vacuum cleaners, and even mini-scarves for the ankles. But the human imagination is truly limitless, so every season new original things appear on sale that, it would seem, would not be needed by anyone. However, after a while it was these “oddities” that became the sales leaders.


We at Happy Worthy Life visited the pages of AliExpress and found curiosities that are especially popular with buyers.

1. Portable cup for washing dog paws

15 Strange Things That for Some Reason Very Popular With Buyers
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2. A device for washing the nose

3. Automatic toothpaste squeezer

4. Vase-antistress for screams

5. Children’s leash

6. Webbed hands for swimming

7. Handset headset

8. Pillow in the form of a loaf

9. Plush brick

10. A small microphone for karaoke in the phone

11. Makeup tape


12. The mask for cat

13. Portable footrest

14. Mane for animals

15. Vacuum cleaner to remove black dots

Admit which of these strange things you would like to buy for yourself or present to friends?

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