18 People Told How Plastic Surgery Change Themselves

Statistics say that in 2019 more than 800 thousand people in the world turned to surgeons to change the shape of nose. Plastic surgery is thriving, and more and more people seek to find inner harmony by changing their appearance. However, not everyone is happy with results.


We at Bright Side decided to listen to the stories and look at the photos of 18 people who finally fulfill their old dream and got plastic surgery.

17 days post op double jaw surgery (UK)! Recovery has been a struggle but I have no regrets.

“I got braces in July 2018, and by the end of 2020 I was lucky enough to see a surgeon. I think I’ll have to spend another six months in braces – and I’m free! Now I  feel like a normal person. “

“It’s been six months since I changed my nose.”

“This is not your typical Instagram nose that many people love. But my nose has character and I love it. I’m terribly happy with the result! “


  • I had a breast reduction. I was in a 40G and went to a 36B (although that was probably the very wrong size, but I didn’t have r/ABraThatFits back then!). I had back pain, so my insurance covered it.

“I had plastic surgery of the lower eyelid 3 months ago. I’m not yet 30, and it’s so great to finally look rested! ”

“I paid $ 5,600 for everything in Dallas  . It really changed my life for the better.”


“1 year and 3 months after I changed the shape of my chin and jaw”

  • I do not regret at all that I turned to the surgeon! I did double eyelid surgery, which is very common in Asia. And you know what? Just one crease in the eyelid can drastically change your look!

“11 weeks after rhinoplasty. I feel like a new person! “

I actually initially started researching on here, I looked for peoples experiences in NYC. Then I got some names and checked out doctors on realself and other reviews. It was expensive at 17k, but that’s the going rate in NYC especially on fifth ave

“2 years after plastic surgery. It really changes my life! I’m shocked by such results! “

I had gynecomastia as a kid because of all the medicine I was on for anxiety and depression and having “man boobs” greatly affected. I wear a sweater year round no matter how hot it became. After the surgery I was able wear a t shirt. Now my self confidence is at an all time high and life is good.


“7 weeks after nose surgery”

However, not everyone happy with changes.

4 months post op rhinoplasty. My nose looks fatter and deformed. I regret getting my rhinoplasty done. My surgeon hasn’t helped me whatsoever.

  • I had my breast augmentation done in 2005. I was a dancer and doing so increased my confidence and also quadrupled my income. I regret it, I haven’t danced since 08, I’ve had a baby and put on weight. They’ve turned from 34D to 36DD, but they sag like natural breasts but mine are heavy. I’m not making $3,000 a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) to pay for a new set anyway. I wasn’t thinking long term when I got them done because I was a stupid and money-hungry 24-year-old.
  • I had a reconstructive surgery done on my nose. I had broken it several times playing sports and I could not breath through my nose for extended periods of time because of the lack of airflow. The surgery did not go very well, what should have straightened my nose made it noticeably more crooked.


“I think it’s understandable why I’m disappointed with blepharoplasty.”

“I really don’t see much improvement. When I  told the doctor about this, he replied that the complete absence of bags under the eyes is possible only in children, and offered additional treatment for $ 3,500. I am terribly angry and do not know what to do. “

  • 2 months ago I corrected the shape of my jaw, and I really regret it. I used to be unattractive, but now it’s even worse: the face is longer, the nose is wider, the cheeks are flat, and the eyes are sunken. Every day I pray that I can somehow get my face back. 

“A week after rhinoplasty. I  chose the best doctor and paid a lot of money, but I look just disgusting! It is unlikely that the swelling after the intervention could bend my nose so. I think it’s something else. “

  • I woke up and immediately thought: “What have I done ?!” I cried and asked myself this question for the next 2 months. I had an abdominoplasty and breast augmentation with a little liposuction to the flanks. The liposuction left dents. The abdominoplasty became necrotic and I had a dog ear. The boobs I had no issues with, yay.
  • By the way, my surgeon was one of the top five doctors in the state. They just can’t control everything and sometimes complications happen for no apparent reason.

How do you feel about plastic? Would you like to change something in yourself?

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