20 Cases When People Squeezed Most Out of Their Favorite Things

Admit it, do you have things that seem to have been around 100 years old, but they still remain your favorites? The heroes of our article found such ones, and they decided not only to recall how they looked when they were new, but also to see how much time changed them.

Happy Worthy Life will show you photos confirming how imperceptibly time changes everything that it manages to touch. And be sure to check to the end: there you will receive a bonus.

“I wore my wedding ring for 33 years, but my wife – only 1, because then it became small for her. Mine, as you know, is below ”

“The saddle of my bike, on which I traveled 50,000 km. It’s very comfortable and with its creepy appearance it perfectly protects against theft. ”

“The Stanley Thermos that I have been using every day for nearly 50 years. I bought a friend the same “

“I’m a painter at a construction site, and this is how my sneakers look after a year of use”

“We bought a scratching post on the left 14 years ago. During this time we managed to get married, have children, have new cats and move 3 times. This is the best thing, I tell you. ”

“My father’s cap, which is already 30 years old, and new”

“The umbrella on the left is 9 years old, and it really was good. “Once he hit the front wheel of my bicycle, it broke, I injured my leg, and only a little tear on the umbrella on the fabric.”

“After 16 years, we can say for sure which handle of our cabinet we touch most often”

“Finally bought myself new videos”

“A new shovel and one that has been used for 5 years. With it, we planted hundreds of thousands of trees. ”

“The difference between the new ring and the one that my aunt gave my girlfriend 8 years ago”

The toy on the left is 26 years old. Over time, she stretched a little from hugs

“This is what the new claw-claw turned into, which my cat mercilessly peeled for 5 months”

“I saw these plates in a second-hand. I think their former owner preferred to use only one of them. ”

“My grandfather wore the belt on the left for more than 20 years, and the one on the right, my neighbor bought today at a flea market”

“This is what my dog’s favorite toy looked like a year ago”

“The hatchet on the left is already 45 years old. At first my grandfather used it, and now dad ”

The owner said that this meat cutting table belonged to his great-great-grandfathers and was 15 cm higher before

“This is what my 10 year old passport looks like compared to the new one”

“My wife finally replaced the shoes she wore for 17 years. On exactly the same “

Bonus: “He is already 10 months old, but for me he is still a kitten”

We are sure that our readers also have things with history. Tell us about them and, of course, show.

Photo created by Adme

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