20+ Cases Where People Have Decided to See “What Will Happens If?..”

Once out of curiosity – “what’s out there, beyond the horizon?” – our distant ancestors left Africa and inhabited Eurasia. Then one of them, with an innate craving for beauty, took the bone and made several holes in it, creating a semblance of a flute – the world’s first musical instrument. Inquisitive people learned to draw, create, discover – without their inquisitive minds the world around us would be very different.

We became interested in curiosity and decided to find the most colorful photos from the series “What will happen if?…”

If the house is completely covered with mirrors

If you press the button on the photo at the right moment, you can learn to “fly”

A perfectly circular rainbow made by my door’s peephole during sunset

If lightning strikes the sidewalk

If you take an MRI of the head, print on a 3D printer and turn it into a table lamp

If lightning hits a tree

If you take a photo while the phone vibrates

If you put a blue food coloring in the water in which there were white roses

If the iceberg breaks off

20 Cases Where People Have Decided to See "What Will Happens If?.."
Skeater / youtube  

If you write the pencil to the end and use the eraser to the full

If you sit on a plane during the launch of SpaceX

If you add oil to the water and throw the tablet “Alka-Seltzer”

20 Cases Where People Have Decided to See "What Will Happens If?.."
bhaggith / reddit  

If you take pictures of the sea in cloudy and clear weather

If your cactus always reaching for the beautiful

If you sit on a very dusty chair

If you have not maintained railways for 50 years

20 Cases Where People Have Decided to See "What Will Happens If?.."
mrgodai / reddit  

If you turn the lily

If you add gel food colorings to a regular recipe

If you watch the sunset from space

If you look at the rainbow from above one day, you can finally see its full circle

If you are lucky enough to discover the end of the rainbow

How far do you think a person can be to arouse curiosity?

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