20+ Cynical Truths To Acknowledge Before Your Pink Glasses Break Your Life

With age, people trend to become wiser and more cynical, and the ideals of youth are gradually replaced by practical truths. Netizens shared tips with those who are just about to start living in the real world, and although these thoughts do not seem very bright, they still have a rational kernel.

Bright Side is made up of adults, but some of the recommendations even made us rethink our outlook on life.

  • An important piece of advice that I myself adhere to is: never, under any circumstances, work with friends and relatives. Well, do not have any monetary affairs with them. © polinasvetkina / Pikabu
  • If something looks too good to be true, most likely it is. Try to be objective. © Vwoke_Owivri / Twitter
  • Be prepared for the fact that as soon as you focus on yourself, the rest will hate you. Do not expect your parents to support your choice of profession. © Scott Hayden / Quora
  • Forget all the garbage that you were fed in your childhood. People are unfair. Hard work does not always lead to success, although its absence will certainly cause failure. There is no ideal job, and for some time any job sucks, you just have to put up with it. © TimesUglyStepchild / Reddit
Cynical Truths To Acknowledge Before Your Pink Glasses Break Your Life

  • Do not be too shy – in fact, no one is looking at you, everyone has enough of their problems. © OneEyedWilly101 / Reddit
  • Do not ask mom to wash for you. Even if you don’t know how to wash this or that thing, read the instructions and try. Do not be afraid to screw up the little things. When at 25 you will be completely independent, and your friends will not even be able to cook pasta with cheese, because they are afraid of failure, you will understand why I say so. © UtreraBunny / Reddit
  • Never explain someone else’s malice that can be explained by stupidity. Most people are stupid, but not bad. When someone sets you up, in 9 out of 10 cases this happens because he is an inattentive fool, and not because of malicious vengeance. © Andrew Ferebee / Quora
  • The world is very small, so be careful when burning bridges. You will be surprised how many people from the past you will encounter after many years, and perhaps your future will depend on them. © votedog / Reddit
Cynical Truths To Acknowledge Before Your Pink Glasses Break Your Life

  • Your close friends and relatives will try to ruin your relationship or at least intervene in it. © Mayank Sharma / Quora
  • A person who makes you feel butterflies flutter in your stomach, or someone you consider your best friend, may one day become your worst enemy. Keep this in mind when sharing secrets and secrets. © Jensen Rodriguez / Quora
  • Feelings can’t pay at the store, you can’t eat them up or pay bills. Love is a very important thing, but money is also important. © Vidushi Gupta / Quora
  • There is no guarantee that your partner will be faithful to you. You can only trust him, but real trust takes time. © Sourojeet Chakraborty / Quora
  • Do not write to the former! And send them to hell if they want to write to you. © Scott Hayden / Quora

  • Adulthood is when you say to yourself, like a mother tired of endless child whining: “No, you can’t have chocolate and chips, take one thing. No, it’s expensive, put it down. You’ll be crying at home. ” © alaina_ok / Twitter
  • Even if you have money for something, this does not mean that you can afford it. © Naweezy / Reddit
  • Rules are a hoax. In fact, no one understands what is happening. The only exception is finance. Here are very clear rules, and they are really worth learning. © JerkJenkins / Reddit
  • What they really need to study in high school is taxation, mortgage lending, cost savings. I know what Columbus did in 1492, but I have no idea where to invest the money and how to pay off your debts! © rudnick_sam / Twitter
© 2 Broke Girls / Warner Bros. Television  

  • Trust people once. You can give them a second chance if you want, but don’t be an idiot and don’t let yourself be fooled three times. © Arushi Bhasin / Quora
  • Stop giving value to what someone says he is going to do. What matters is actions, not intentions. Do not admire people who do what they should do. Appreciate yourself if you want to be appreciated by others. Daffodils will always check your borders, so protect your values ??if you want to be taken into account. © Lily Mine / Quora
  • There are no irreplaceable people. Each person lives his own life, and if you too often refuse to pay attention to someone, do not be surprised that one day they will also ignore you.
Cynical Truths To Acknowledge Before Your Pink Glasses Break Your Life

  • Learn to feel comfortable alone. This does not mean that you should be forever alone, but in the life of any person there are breaks when nothing just happens, and this is normal. © imakhink / Reddit
  • In the fourth dozen, you understand that for questions like “Do you know how to heat a bath / grill kebabs / drive a car?” (In general, do any banal garbage) it is better to answer “no”. © deleted / Pikabu
  • If it seems to you that someone does not appreciate your efforts, think: are you trying to manipulate in this way? Trying to control someone with guilt or gratitude is unlikely to lead to anything good, especially if you get caught.
Cynical Truths To Acknowledge Before Your Pink Glasses Break Your Life

Actually, the real world is not so bad, but you definitely should not look at it through the pink glasses. Do you think this practical approach to adulthood will be useful to your children or is it better to protect them from the harsh truth?

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