20+ Good Examples of How Everything is Better Compared

There is a common belief that everything is relative. And this “everything” can mean literally anything: whether it is the capacity of pockets on women’s and men’s trousers, a 5-dollar bill of the middle of the last century and a new one and even a laptop screen before and after treatment with an mouth rinse.

We decided to submit these and 19 other extremely interesting comparisons from network users  to your court. And as a bonus, we prepared one fact that will shock all fans of Disney TV shows.

Women’s pockets can fit less then half of a Switch lite, whereas men’s pockets can fit a whole Switch.

2. “The way my horse changes color depending on the time of the year is amazing.”

3. The ratio of strawberries and cereal from 2 packs of breakfast cereal

4. “The zucchini that I bought and the“ monster ”that my father-in-law raised. Rubik’s Cube for comparison »

A nice wren couple moved into a hiking boot in my parents’ garage, and today their family grew by 5!

6. 5-dollar banknote of 1950, on which the phrase In God We Trust is missing: it began to be printed on banknotes later

7. Size difference between recently hatched caterpillar and adult

8. “My laptop before and after I used Listerine Rinse Aid to remove anti-reflective coating”

9. “The difference in skin color between my arm and leg”

10. “This morning, someone left their old iPhone 3GS near my store. In the photo to compare iPhone XS Max »

11. “Three-dimensional ultrasound of my son shortly before his birth and his picture a few days after birth”

12. “That’s what size mushrooms grow in my yard”

13. Bentley Portable TV and iPhone

14. The size of a windmill (my dad for scale)

15. “The tiniest turtle I’ve ever seen”

16. The size difference between these two Allen keys

17. “The difference in size between the husband’s ring and mine”

18. This giant painting in Munich. I’m 6’2 for reference

19. “Both of these chicks hatched on the same day”

20. Both are called in one word – a car

21. “New boots and boots of the same size, make and model after a year of work in them in the mine”

Bonus: actors of the series “Hannah Montana” John Cena and Jason Earles are the same age. In these frames they are 33 years old

If you have something to supplement this collection, leave your photos in the comments.

What do you think?

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