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20+ Interesting Facts That Prove Foreign Country is Always Mystery

Each country has a unique culture, which in one way or another affect to their life. And since a person quickly gets used to the environment, local features of their homeland do not seem to be outlandish, while a lot of things can make guests amazing or even jealous.

We invite you to a virtual tour around the most different parts of the world and we also share some interesting facts that prove foreign country is always mystery.

1. McDonald’s in Finland serves burgers on rye bread, hot wings, sweet potato fries and banana milkshakes

2. In Munich (Germany) you can play table tennis on a semicircular table.

3. In Chile, police dogs wear boots

4. And in Thailand, ice cream is sold in a banana leaf cup

5. In the Netherlands, public bathrooms can be raised and lowered into the ground

6. In Croatia, Traffic lights for pedestrians who stare at their phones.

7. In Sweden, A stand for bikers to hold on to while waiting for the traffic lights.

8. In Vietnamese restaurants, plant body stems are used instead of plastic straws.

9. In the Austrian bus, handles are made from old ski poles.

10. And this is how scarecrows look like in Belarus

11. There are parking for dogs near supermarkets in Finland.

20+ Interesting Facts That Prove Foreign Country is Always Mystery

12. In Belize, drinking water is sold in plastic bags

13. And in restaurants in Bulgaria, on the tables there are special remotes connected to the smart watch of waiter. With their help, you can remote call him or ask for an invoice.

14. In Denmark you can buy hollowed out hot dog buns

15. This pub toilet in Hungary has head cushions for when you’re drunk

16. And in Ireland you can rent a car with a special sticker on the windshield reminding you of the correct lane.

17. In the Philippines, Pringles chips are sold in bags, not in traditional boxes

18. In Belgium, some of our busses have chargers like this one to charge your phone

19. In France, there is a tiny crosswalk that consists of only one lane

20. “I live in Blavand (Denmark), and here there are miniature lighthouses on all streetlights, because there is a lighthouse near the city.”

21. Nappies in Sweden have a father on the packaging

In your opinion, which interesting facts that you like most? And what else amazed you while traveling in other countries?

What do you think?

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