20 Mysterious Thing You Never Know

From its very appearance on Earth, man has been trying to lighten his labor and somehow automate it, for which he came up with various devices. We have invented millions of different devices and mechanisms, and some of them are so unusual that their purpose is not immediately guessed.

Happy Worthy Life found a whole community on Reddit where people find out what a strange thing they found at home or in a store.

“The sellers in the antique shop where I bought this item could not say what it was for”

© z_Dax_z / reddit  

Answer: It is a roast or ham holder that mounts to a cutting board. The cutting board is missing.

“This item was put in a bag along with the shoes that I bought in an online store. A piece is about 18 cm long. It was packed in a yellow net “

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Answer: this is part of a special device for displaying shoes on a display case.

Belt contraption attached to the rear wheel of a Chevy Bolt

© rhinnaflor / reddit  

Answer: this is a homemade charger. Most likely, the car is used as a tractor for a motor home and charging its battery.

“Someone gave this thing to my wife because they did not know how to use it, but it was a pity to throw it away”

© doctor_no_one / reddit  

Answer: this is a Himalayan calendar. The first line with balls is the month, the second and third are the date, the last four are the year.

“My friend was presented with this for a wedding many years ago. The one who gave did not know what it was “

© badwhiskey63 / reddit  

Answer: this is a cheese holder. A piece is strung on it to make slices using a grater.

“I think it’s a pan, but the weird lid bothers me.”

© ClaimedBeauty / reddit  

Answer: this is a pan intended for cooking in a water bath. Thanks to the lid on the pan, you can put containers of different diameters.

“Obviously, this is a knife for letters with a ruler. But why these strange green buttons? ”

© NugoKnowsBest / reddit  

Answer: they are needed to weigh the letter.

“A mysterious object found at a sale in Germany”

© Maggotmaine / reddit  

Answer: This is a spray nozzle for a vacuum cleaner.

“Inexplicable box. Judging by the inscription, she is over 100 years old. There are different holes and pins. What is this all about? ”

© person253 / reddit  

Answer: This is a Singer box for storing sewing supplies.

“My friend received it as a birthday present”

© frnk55 / reddit  

Answer: This is a bump of a plant called Banksia. They are dried and used as a dispenser for aromatic oils.

10cm metal object. Any ideas what this thing is?

© grindaxe / reddit  

Answer: this is the so-called popping knife. Used as a weapon of self-defense.

The main bauble seems to be hollow, and the “stick” is lined like a ruler. Any ideas??

© udgemysocks / reddit  

Answer: this is an old hydrometer (hydrometer) designed to determine the specific gravity of a liquid. Used to determine alcohol strength.

Utensil found in an antique store, the slit the middle is dull so not a peeler, any ideas?

© gingerking87 / reddit  

Answer: this is a device called the Feuerzangenbowle. Used in the preparation of punch. A sugar-soaked rum is placed on it, and when heated, sweet drops fall into the drink.

“Found in a quarry with a metal detector, presumably silver. Coin for size comparison »


Answer: this is a handle from a fork or spoon.

“Found in one of the boxes that belonged to the deceased grandfather. There is nothing on the reverse side ”

© XC_Griff / reddit  

Answer: this is something like a modern store cumulative card.

“What is this strange little“ room “under the ceiling of an old barn? It’s too small for a man. ”

© talazws / reddit  

Answer: this is a nest for barn Owls. These birds are harmless and eat rodents, from which grain stocks suffer.

“Does anyone know what this is? My mother found this thing on a shelf in our house, and she seems suspicious to her. “

© donteatthatbaby / reddit  

Answer: this is the so-called sound bomb. Some time after activation, it begins to make a sound with a volume of 110–115 dB, which is approximately comparable to the roar of an airplane turbine.

“Found this heavy metal thing in the ground with a metal detector”

© rakaab / reddit  

Answer: this is a medal. Above you can see the remainder of the bow into which the tape was threaded.

A funny looking rolling pin? Found while cleaning out my dads garage. He said he has had it for years and doesn’t know what it does just thought it looked cool. It would make a really impractical rolling pin.

© Bb_oi / reddit  

Answer: this is a rolling pin for ravioli.

A massive wrench I inherited. Weighs 30+ pounds. Novelty or functional?

© map-6346 / reddit  

Answer: this key is fully functional and is used on large pipelines, such as oil.

Do you have mysterious things at home? Show them a photo, and perhaps together we will find out their purpose.

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