20+ Old Things That are 100 Years Old

Perhaps everyone will agree that before many things were done for centuries. Proof of this is still working equipment, clothes, shoes and other items that people still use and do not even think to change them for something new. After all, new does not mean high quality and durable. And it is unlikely that today’s refrigerators or, for example, mixers can last at least 50 years.

The heroes of our article showed photographs of old things that function perfectly and do not think to break. We think that they will outlive us all.

“Phonograph of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother, 1923. Still working (not included since WWII) “

If you are interested in how it  sounds , listen (just turn the volume down immediately).

“The house my grandmother recently moved into had this old phone still installed and it still works.”

“My wallet was made in 1942. I still use it now “

“This wall calender at my grandparents place can be used pretty much forever.”

“This is my electric opener, which was inherited from my grandmother to my father, and now to me is over 45 years old and still works. “

“My grandparents bed has a radio and lights integrated.”

“I just got these Red Wing boots that my dad bought for $ 80 in 1976.”

“My grandmother still has her 1995 flip mobile phone.”

“This brush is 15 years old, it is used to paint 3 apartments”

“I inherited this clock still working from my grandmother.”

“The original bathroom heater, installed when the house was built in the 1960s. It still works “

“Microwave Panasonic 1980, inherited from my parents. Used constantly for at least 3 decades “

20+ Old Things That are 100 Years Old People Still Use And Don't Want to Change Anything
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“This 1962 Philips mixer still works great! Purchased by my grandmother, used every few weeks. “

“My wife’s great-grandmother’s egg cutter still works great.”

“Grandfather’s Pocket Watch, 1891, Still Runs”

“This suit is exactly 100 years old”

“This KitchenAid mixer was made in the 1940s. It belonged to my great-great-grandmother and is still used today. “

“Today I saw an old Hotpoint refrigerator from 1948, which still works for itself.”

“Grandma has a toilet paper holder with a built-in radio.”

“My grandmother’s oil lamp was made in the late 1700s. It still works! “

“This brass clock has been past down in our family from generation to generation for 106 years.”

Do you like old things? Or Do you have any old things?

What do you think?

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