20+ People Shared Cool Stuff They Bought Second-hand Shops

At flea markets, second-hand shops, there is a chance to find a real treasure. Another thing is that not everyone buys in such places, many people consider shopping there beneath their dignity. And the regulars of such places do not try to convince anyone. What for? We’ll get more.


We are so glad for the lucky customers and present you the brightest finds.

“I found this masterpiece at a flea market. It’s just awesome – so many hidden images! My husband was less than thrilled when I hung it in our kitchen, luckily he loves me a lot“

“My daughter runs up and says: ‘Mommy, look what I found!“ Imagine what horror I experienced when I turned around. She begged to buy this doll “

“Found these Harry Potter wands at $ 2 apiece.”

“Meet: Emera Gussi Quiltakitti. She stole my heart. Hand-painted and the only mark on it is “DW 1984”. “

“I love all sorts of cool antiques. Therefore, I regularly roam the flea markets. Here is an interesting find – a machine for sorting and packing coins “

“I became the owner of this treasure for $ 60. I am so lucky!”

“Late 1970s. Made in England, this is Dr. Martens. Also with a steel toe. My size”

“I bought a bag for $ 2, I open it, and inside there are 2 rings of 14-karat gold and 3 silver ones. There are happy days! “


“Found this sofa. I originally bought it for my child, but the cat decided otherwise. I think it’s because his name is Michelangelo. “

“I am the proud owner of the best tissue container ever made. Munch! “

“I didn’t know that I needed it until I found it.”

“You should all be jealous of my new frying pan I dug up at the flea market today. It cost $ 4 “

And thrillers will seem like child’s play if you are lucky enough to meet a turquoise strawberry monster at the flea market

This lovely silver octopus and all his tentacle-y glory 100% came home from me. He was found in the Glastonbury CT Goodwill for a whopping $5, but I only paid $3.75 for this beauty!!!


“Stopped for a sale – and now the world will never be the same. They are in clothes and shoes for babies “

“Author’s holder for toilet paper. There is a stamp that it was created in the Netherlands in 1999 “

I screamed with joy knowing what it was when he let me have his awesome score.
Only $1 at Vinnies

“I found a great crochet blanket.”

“I love the salt and pepper shaker I bought this morning.”

“Found these super cool shoes, yes, of course I bought them.”

“My husband brought home the seats from the plane. They can be a great workplace for our children. There are even seat belts so I can fasten them. “

Tell us, what cool or exclusive item did you manage to get in a second-hand or at a flea market?

Photo by Jade Oberpriller / facebook


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