20 People Who Made Something Really Cool From Trash

Nowadays, most people throw away broken or unnecessary things without hesitation. Although you can show a little creativity and breathe new life into them. Thus, it also does not litter our planet once again. This is what Internet users did, who built a clothes dryer from a broken garden umbrella, turned an old tube TV into a cute house for cats, and made boring white dishes exquisite and unique.

We at Happy Worthy Life love to consider all sorts of alterations. Here are 20 things that really impressed us.

1. The old TV turned into a cat house. There’s even a mini chandelier inside

2. And this old TV stand became an aquarium stand

3. “I converted my broken iMac into a desk lamp”

The brightness is adjusted using a sensor, and the phone can be charged from the USB ports. © ydw1988913 / Reddit

Inspired by a post yesterday.. a old patio umbrella reborn as a clothes line!

Industrial-style interior design shelfs with repurposed wood

6. Now these are not the same boring white cups

I made some lamps out of empty gastanks and fire-extinguishers

8. The CD rack makes a great earring holder

9. This T-shirt is made from four old polos

Did a T-shirt with 1 Dior polo, 2 Burberry polos and 1 YSL polo. The idea is to use luxury clothes that nobody wears anymore and make something new. Model is my father in law! Aunimanne / Reddit

10. The old chest now looks like a Volkswagen retro van

11. I made an ice cream container into a plant pot!

12. This stylish garden bench is made from an old children’s bed.

13. “I am proud to have restored something for the first time. Spent only $ 4.26 “

14. An old $3 goodwill coffee pot turned yoga sloth terrarium

15. DIYed a soap dish out of unused takeout chopsticks, glue, and thread

16. “This is how in 2 weeks I restored a rare car left to rot in the field.”

17. A broken wooden chair came out of a great shoe rack

18. “I sewed a cover for a travel cutlery set from torn curtains.”

19. “I made a set of chess pieces from glass bottles”

20. I found this shabby IKEA table on the side of the road. Stuck a €1 tile on top!

Have you transformed some old and unnecessary thing into something useful and beautiful?

Photo by T-Biz-Cooks / reddit

What do you think?

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