20+ Photos in Which Familiar Things Reveal Their Little Secrets

In the world there will always be outlandish things and phenomena that can arouse in us curiosity and genuine emotions. But sometimes familiar objects can open from the most unusual sides, it is enough to change the angle of view, to dig a little deeper. In the course of such experiments, some people manage to achieve certain successes. For example, look at the ear of a porcupine, find out what is going on inside a bag of kangaroos, and even see the surface of the moon.

We at  Happy Worthy Life have peeped at users of the network photos that you can safely add to some encyclopedia.

“I took a photo of the moon for two weeks, and then glued the pictures. Now you can appreciate how heterogeneous its surface looks “

The nest of these hummingbirds is so tiny that it fits on a pine cone

Porcupine ears look as if they were transplanted from a person

These wasps recycled colored paper to make themselves a bright nest.

This is probably what the true desire for life looks like.

Everyone knows that the kangaroo has a pocket for carrying the baby. But not everyone saw him

20+ photos in which familiar things reveal their little secrets
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This is not a toy, but a real albino owl

Such strong winds blow in Western Australia that lonely standing trees bend and grow horizontally

This bra device protects the diseased eye of the horse and at the same time allows it to see others.

This is a polydactyl cat. Such paws will definitely not miss anything.

It turns out that snow can not only be rolled up in a ball, but also rolled up

In case you suddenly wondered what a crocodile would look like with vitiligo

The crowns of the trees almost do not touch each other. The gaps between them resemble a river.

And this is how a scallop shell looks when magnified. Blue beads are kind of eyes

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“I was not prepared for the fact that in the old package with the ground instead of it would be sprouted moss”

This is a clock. And instead of arrows, they spin wheels

The spots on the jaguar’s stomach are completely different from those on its back.

This basketball was found at the bottom of the English Channel. Now it is decorated with a whole colony of shells

My mom managed to open a coconut without breaking the meat of the kernel.

“Drops on my car collected pollen inside me”

One of the pyramids in Giza from above looks like this

The spider’s nest looks like a portal to another dimension

What unusual phenomena have you encountered? Maybe you even have their photo

What do you think?

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