20+ Photos That Show How Familiar Things Look Inside

For many of us, it occurred to me at least once to see what was inside the toy. I wanted to know how a tennis ball looks in section. Finally, find out what the case for AirPods and the payment card consists of. The heroes of our article did not begin to torment themselves with the unknown, but in practice they found out what constitutes the interiors of ordinary things.

We also wanted to look inside the surrounding objects with at least one eye.

“My dogs raked a cactus toy, and it turned out to be inside”

“I cut a bag of bacon in half”

The inside of my son’s slap bracelet is part of a tape measure.

Inside toothbrush

Inside the case for AirPods

Cherry Bone

Inside this washcloth there is another, smaller

Mollusk structure

A pack of ice cream cut in half

Payment Card Inside

Here’s what you can see if you cut the golf ball

Inside a tree with bees

My dog finally killed her favorite toy tonight, only to find there was a smaller, even more squeaky toy inside!

This is how the cells look in section. At the bottom of the cells – royal jelly

“If you’ve ever wondered what a key card looks like inside, then here”

Tortoise shell

“My dog ​​tore his plush Yoda and found inside a squeaker in the shape of a heart”

And what curious did you find inside familiar objects?

Evilpig / reddit preview photo

What do you think?

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